Week in Pictures

Ahh, one of the reasons I adore September – harvesting from our garden! Sweet bell peppers for roasting and marinating; serranos, habanero & scotch bonnet chili peppers for hot sauce; fresh oregano for drying; and loads of San Marzano and Amish Paste tomatoes to combine with garlic (harvested earlier this summer), bay leaf, onions, salt and pepper, and olive oil for marinara to can and enjoy all winter long.

This week has been away from regular TV, finishing my Shameless marathon (dang I’m in deep!), starting on The Man in the High Castle (based on the book my husband loved…seriously intense!), and getting my regular weekly fill of Chelsea who is fucking great (ever watch her hilarious segment “Chelsea Grammar”, or notice how she’s completely fearless about admitting what she doesn’t know and then brings on some of the greatest minds to explain it? Brilliant! Love her.)

And oh yeah, the estrogen has accumulated enough to bring on the crazies. So much for those first couple of weeks without side effects. My acupuncturist put 5 needles just in my head to get my anxiety levels down. And let’s not talk about the return of emo eating. Fun fun.


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