For real, y’all.

  • This past week I did something I never could have imagined: I hemmed 2 pairs of curtains. Gotta love Pinterest for leading me to this SUPER easy how-to article to hem curtains without sewing. I’d bought a couple sets of clearance blackout curtains for the office-slash-future nursery at Fred Meyer for $30, and they were about 7″ too long and dragged on the floor. So for $3 for the tape and $15 for the iron (folks, I got rid of my iron and ironing board years ago – tells you how long I’ve been out of the corporate world!), I did both sets in about 10-15 minutes (using the credenza with a towel on it to act as my ironing board). Rad.
  • Love this article with a ton of ways to keep yellow jackets from our beehive (they will not only rob the hive but kill all of the bees as well, they’re the assholes of the insect world in so many ways). And even if you don’t keep bees, the powdered sugar tip is pretty interesting for those seeking to eliminate nests of those jerks!
  • This homemade apple butter bacon recipe…? ‘Nuff said.
  • Best documentary on television right now is absolutely Patricia Arquette’s Equal Means Equal. Check it out on Amazon video and others. Now.
  • Okay so my husband gets eczema on his scalp and face and has been using this 2.5% selenium sulfide prescription shampoo up until recently to deal with it (the over-the-counter stuff is useless). Well, this shit is seriously toxic as many know, AND our insurance company has decided it’s no longer covered by insurance and the new price? $150. For a fucking bottle of shampoo. So now we are investigating home remedies that go beyond tea tree oil – including these ideas. Anyone out there have experience with this and find eco-friendly solutions to this?? Comment please!!!
  • And finally, in a few hours the Clinton/Trump debate will begin. As a woman turning 43 in a few months, I have become keenly aware during my life of what it is to be a woman in America and the sexism that is so deeply ingrained in much of our culture, that it is often laughed off when categorized as gender bias. With Hillary Clinton, we’ve seen her targeted for 25+ years by those who don’t like her, calling her a cold bitch, untrustworthy, and other words that are often justified by outright false statements about her life and career. A woman who has dealt with sexism in the workplace and in the public sector for so long that she’s had to adapt, like many of us have, to survive and find success. Confessions of a ‘Cold’ Woman is a great article on LinkedIn that really calls out some of the fucked up double standards there are out there when it comes to women, with Hillary Clinton getting the brunt of it as the most powerful  woman in America today. She, like myself and many other women, was given a hard time for her resting bitch face (By the way, is there a ‘resting asshole face’ term created for men who don’t walk around smiling constantly? Fuck. No.) when discussing a serious matter. And as Jessica Valenti put it so well in her piece about Clinton and where our society is at, We Just Don’t Trust Women. Here are a few excerpts that I have to share

“The notion that women are fundamentally untrustworthy snakes through almost every area of our lives. Managers distrust women who ask for flextime; women who show anger are less trusted than their male counterparts; and people think the more makeup a woman wears, the less trustworthy she is.

Republican policies and conservative thought, too, rely on this belief. Legislators have tried to pass laws that would mandate women get written permission from men before obtaining abortions, or have suggested that rape and incest exceptions would give way to women lying about abuse. There is a reason that one of the phrases most often used by the pro-choice community is “trust women”. When it comes to sexual assault or domestic violence, victims – the vast majority of whom are women – are still widely disbelieved.

When we don’t trust women, when we disbelieve them even in the face of thoroughly convincing evidence, everyone suffers. Clinton has been deemed untrustworthy by the public long before Trump came into the political picture, it’s true. And like most politicians, she’s given the public reasons to question her. But it’s impossible to divorce the way that voters view her from the misogyny she’s faced over decades. She’s considered “guarded” – but how could she not be after years of sexist smears and slights? Trump, on the other hand, is lauded for “telling it like it is” even as so much of what he says is shown to be untrue.

The act of trusting women shouldn’t be a radical act, and women shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be considered credible. No matter your politics, the double standard here is hard to ignore.”

8 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I have had similar skin problems and I also used all that horrible toxic stuff, until finally a friend of mine accidentally threw it out when I moved. It never worked super well anyway, but I then found Aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream. I use a small amount every morning after showering, while my skin is still damp, and I haven’t had a single skin issue since I started using it. It’s kind of miraculous. (I also don’t use soap on my face – the dermatologist told me not to, as it would dry out my skin).


      1. So it’s funny you say that. (I also don’t use cream on my scalp, that would be a huge mess!) Technically, I don’t have eczema, I have sebhorrheic dermatitis. I tried everything that was recommended (including washing my hair with apple cider vinegar), and nothing worked. Every Aveeno product I tried did nothing, and some even made it worse. I ended up doing a ton of research on message boards and whatnot, and tried a million products, before I found the one that worked for me. It took me years to figure out a solution, so it’s possible your husband just needs to see what will work for his skin specifically. One of the things that really helped was to cut back on washing my hair so much, and to use lots and lots of conditioner to keep my scalp from drying out, but I think everyone is different. I wish his good luck, figuring out how to deal with this was one of the best things that ever happened to me!


        1. Thanks! Yeah this toxic stuff eliminated it in the first go-round so I’m hoping we can find a more natural solution, but either way I think he’s headed for the dermatologist to get options there as well.


  2. I get eczema on my face quite often and the only thing that seems to clear it up easily, quickly and painlessly for me is rosehip oil. I got a really nasty bit of it on my eyelids a while ago and even the hydrocortisone cream the dr prescribed me made it dry and itchy. Rosehip oil (or jojoba was alright too…) was brilliant. Obviously not possible for use on your hubby’s scalp, but it might help his face a little? Also check that nothing he’s using has Sodium Laurel Sulphate in it. It’s a pretty common ingredient in anything that “foams”. (So cleaners, shampoo, facewash etc). It’s a skin irritant if you have really sensitive skin.

    Sukin (not sure if you can get it over there) is a natural skincare brand and their shampoos are some of the few that dont my skin freak out. Probably wouldn’t clear up your hubby’s scalp issues, but at least it shouldn’t irritate it more.

    Sucks that your insurance company can just decide to stop covering the cost of a prescription. 😦

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