Let the Games Begin…



After a nervous five days awaiting the start of my period, it finally arrived, signifying the official beginning of round five of DEIVF.  For those not familiar with what I deal with, I start estrogen on the first full day of my period after finishing a round of birth control pills…but if I don’t get my period by a certain day, I end up missing my scheduled FET, and as my doc only does embryo transfers every other month so I’d be fucked til December if it didn’t come by tomorrow.

Estrogen begins now. What will it do to my thyroid? Where will my body take me on this journey? Am I destined for motherhood, or for another devastation?

Of course the lack of organization sometimes at my clinic just kills me. Called them this morning as I still don’t have my actual schedule of how much to take, when my ultrasound will be, etc., and they’re “still working on it”…dude I have to start *today*, would be so nice to have received the schedule like BEFORE the cycle began. Sigh. So, being the professional DEIVF-er that I am, I just pulled up the old one and if I don’t hear from them today will have my husband just give me the .1 to start out with like last time. While my plan was to go all-Estradiol pills this time, we realized we have 3/4 of a vial of the expensive Delestrogen injectable stuff so we’re going to use that up first. Hey, waste not, want not.

So, enjoying my non-sore ass as long as I can, and hoping for myself and all of my blog sistas out there fighting the good fight that we’ll all hear the following very very soon…


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