And again, what a difference a day makes

I hope this is true. I hope our dream comes true.

Serious Carpe Diem

So I took another deep breath. This past week in my search for a new Mayan abdominal massage provider to prep for Cycle 5, I found a naturopath on the west side who, in our email conversations with my questions on those services, had said that she has found a way to charge insurance for this, and has worked frequently with IVF/DEIVF patients including my RE. And I thought, well shit, I need to check this out. Rather than make an appointment, I told her my situation , my timeline and what New ND had told me about diet + exercise and her zero sense of urgency and trepidation about increasing my thyroid medication. I flat out asked her if she’s game for using medication or if she was more on the ‘take herbs and stuff’ side of the ND world.

Happily, she was a slam dunk. Something along the lines of “I don’t want to step on her toes, but that does very little for your levels particularly with your history.” and “We need to address this, and FAST.” She had a cancellation for the very next day, Thursday, and slipped me right in.

She’s freaking smart, she’s articulate, she knows what to do, and she even can comment on my fertility doc’s personality. And she has a great sense of humor. I felt right at home. Gotta love docs you want to hug at the end of the appointment. The sense of relief in me in having her help me out was palpable.

We also talked about MTHFR testing, since I’d never gotten my blood drawn for it (the recent ND, a week after our appointment, STILL did not have the “kit” she needed for me to take it to her favored lab (and she refused to contact any other labs). Her suggestion? The treatment if it were positive would be to have me take extra folate, and since extra folate ain’t gonna hurt? Just start me on it now. Saves me the cost of the labs and starts me earlier on the folate. Good deal.

So here’s the new regimen:

  • Compounded T3/T4 for my thyroid. Levothyroxine (AKA synthroid) is obviously not doing the trick as it only addresses T4 and it’s looking like my body is not converting it to T3 as it’s supposed to. So she went through a compounding pharmacy to mix T3/T4 to better address
  • Low dose naltrexone. Yep, that stuff that they use to help drug addicts, in much much smaller doses has been proven (scientifically, not just by NDs) to improve outcomes for those who have suffered miscarriages and infertility.
  • Vitamin D. She looked at prior blood tests from last year and my levels were low. As D optimizes immune system health and is known to increase embryonic health, and the D in my Cal/Mag/D pills aren’t high enough, I’ll be taking 5,000 i.u.
  • 5-MTFH. As per above, this is the folate to ensure my body gets what it needs to deal with potential methylation defects.
  • Fish oil with high dose DHA/EPA. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to improve embryo morphology during IVF. The good, high-dose (combined DHA/EPA of 1,500+) mercury-free pills are expensive – best deal I found was on Amazon.
  • Gluten-free through this cycle (and, shall our dreams come true, pregnancy). My latest thyroid tests show that during IVF, my TSH goes out of control and I go borderline Hashimoto’s. Noice. Gluten is a real fuckwit when it comes to aggravating thyroid situations, so I’ve agreed to take a holiday from it. Having done that for a couple years in the past, I know how to do it, but it doesn’t make me happy about saying goodbye to croissants. Heh. But this is worth it.
  • Weekly Mayan abdominal massages up until the day before the transfer. Covered by insurance. Connects me and helps restore blood flow, in particular following the miscarriage where everything’s been messed with? Fuck yeah.


Please let the Right come before this year ends.



5 thoughts on “And again, what a difference a day makes

  1. That all sounds really positive. I have a friend who went through something similar. Her first RE poo pooed her concerns about her thyroid. She did a DE cycle, got pregnant and then had a miscarriage right around her second beta. She switched to my doc, who was adamant they address the thyroid issues. She has Hashimoto’s. She is now pregnant, just over 8 weeks. I know it is anecdotal and not terribly helpful. Your story just reminded me of hers. It so nice to have a doc who will listen to you

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