first yellow pepper from the garden – woo hoo! ain’t she pretty?!

Happy cooled-off weekend here in Stumptown! After 3 days in the upper 90’s we are back to the happy 80s of summer and looking forward to the cooldown into the 70’s next week. My favorite weather is upper 60’s, low 70’s, so the end of summer and approach of autumn gets me incredibly giddy. Husband and I had these lovely crepe-like pancakes (Bob’s Red Mill has a gluten free recipe with their flour that tastes wayyyy better than regular gluten pancakes, go figure) in the backyard garden this morning with some maple vanilla pear butter on top and it was…peace. We walked about our garden, talking about ideas for the next year (what to move, what to plant, what to forget about ever growing again, all that nice stuff), and think about everything BUT the battles we’ve been fighting on the DEIVF part of our life.

Here are some lovely things I’d like to share with y’all this weekend…

  • Did you know that zebra finches sing to their eggs during their third ‘trimester’ to prepare them for hotter weather?
  • Husband planted an ENTIRE raised bed JUST of potatoes. The man loves potatoes. So since it’s just the two of us, I’m digging this recipe for DIY Freezer Fries as one way of preserving the harvest as the man is in heaven surrounded by taters šŸ™‚
  • We’ve all heard of CSAs for produce, and in our family we also buy salmon shares (next week we get our annual allotment, can’t wait!), but did you know there’s such a thing as a herdshare? Yep, you can “share” a goat, cow, etc., with others to get regular supplies of milk from that animal – the farmer cares for it, you get the goods. Note to self: find herdshare in Portland for goat’s milk. I want to make cheese!
  • Awesome – President Obama has expanded the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument (Papahānaumokuākea), to 582,578 square miles – the LARGEST protected area in the world. No extraction of oil, gas, minerals, etc. YAY!
  • Speaking of keeping our natural areas protected, want to help keep Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve safe from oil and gas drillers? Click HERE to sign the NRDC petition that goes straight to the Secretary of the Interior!
  • Now THIS is the way to camp, y’all.

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