Current reading: Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate. Awesome.

Usually I’d say something nice about it being a Friday. But the forecast is for 101 degrees today and tomorrow (that’s over 38 C for those in most parts of the world beyond the US). So, I will just proceed in the slow motion that is par for the course on a day like today…

  • Well, I finally made my first homemade deodorant from stuff already in the kitchen – organic shortening, baking soda, cornstarch, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. So far, so good! Not the same as grocery store stuff that is like armor for the pits, but also none of the icky stuff and practically zero cost!  Click HERE for the recipe.
  • Congratulations to my fellow DEIVF soldier Baby Science Project on delivering her two beautiful  new little ones! May the rest of us still fighting the battle soon join you on the other side !
  • More reason to adore Simone Biles – check out how she shut down an asshole commentator with 8 Simple Words. To those who say those of us who adopt are not the parents? Take that.
  • And speaking of the Olympics, I got into a bit of a disagreement recently with someone who is adamantly supporting getting the Olympics to my home state, which I couldn’t disagree with more due to the proven negative financial, environmental, social, and infrastructure consequences that hosting an Olympics inflicts on most cities that take it on. The article Here’s an Idea: Hold the Olympics in Multiple Cities at Once presents an awesome, viable, realistic and more culturally diverse (not to mention more economically feasible!) way for the world to welcome these events in a way that will promote cities economically while respecting ALL of the citizens who will be affected (not just those who will profit).
  • They are tracking bees, and it’s totally awesome. Read more HERE.

“And that is what is behind the abrupt rise in climate change denial among hardcore conservatives: they have come to understand that as soon as they admit that climate change is real, they will lose the central ideological battle of our time—whether we need to plan and manage our societies to reflect our goals and values, or whether that task can be left to the magic of the market.”
~ Naomi Klein

4 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I can’t believe it’s going to be hotter there than here! It’s still hot here, but I’m looking forward to some low 90s temps today and the possibility of finally staying below 90 at the end of next week!


    1. I know right? It’s insane, and with very few people here having A/C it makes it especially hard. I’m just happy we have a window A/C in our bedroom and I work from home so I can go in there and work today if it gets too bad. My poor bike commuting husband will have a tougher time 😦


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