Week in Pictures

Our first ultrasound (6 weeks, 5 days) went OK. There is definitely one embryo that’s made it, 5.54mm long, which is measuring ‘in the acceptable range but a little small’. We saw the heartbeat flicker (I got teary eyed of course!), but weren’t able to hear it, so we’ll come back in 2 weeks, and hopefully hear it and “graduate”. So assuming all goes well, we’ll be doing our first visit to the midwifery in mid-August instead. Argh! My husband and I are still in mega stress mode as we thought seeing it on camera would make us feel better, but nope, just like the articles say about IVFers, each test just amps up the nerves in new ways. And already being used to the nausea and feeling so out of sorts lately, I couldn’t tell how I was physically reacting. But like we said to each other on our way home, “we didn’t leave the office weeping, so that’s a good thing.” 🙂
Aw hell yeah! The new Ghostbusters is awesome! I saw the original in the theater when I was 10 and loved it, y’all…and this one not only did the first one justice, it was an awesome fun movie all on its own. I have an official girl-crush now on Kate McKinnon (turns out I’m not the only one), and we LOVED that the entire cast from 1984 played various cameos throughout the movie (RIP Harold Ramis).
My honey shows off potatoes he picked from the garden – YUM!


***One of the many reasons we’ve got the best First Family EVER!***


12 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. I was told that at these early stages the measurements are so sensitive that errors can easily arise… To be spot on you would need to be just 1mm bigger. The fact that there was a flickering heartbeat is great. My doc actually doesn’t like doing an ultrasound until 7 weeks for this reason.

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  2. Beautiful scan picture! It is a pretty amazing experience right? I remember the lack of reassurance too though,thought I would feel so much better but it is all about reaching the next goal post in your mind. Enjoy it though, one day at a time enjoying your little miracle.

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  3. So glad the scan went well! I had a really hard accepting it had worked. It was so hard to accept after years of trying and disappointment after disappointment. Every scan I ended up with clammy hands while sitting in the waiting room. It got better as things progressed but it was always there. My anxiety lessened once I could feel E practicing his karate, which was just shy of 18 weeks (which is early for first time mamas). You are just left waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this week in pictures! All of it is awesome, but seeing your little baby is the best! Congratulations. Totally understand how you don’t feel the relief that other people might expect, but it is a really positive step forward. Good luck for your next scan. xx

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  5. So glad the scan went well – I echo what another commenter said, the measurements don’t mean much in the very early stages. My doc said the same thing. And I love Michelle Obama – can you imagine Melania Trump doing carpool karaoke? No you cannot.

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