Entry #85: Two Plus One


Embracing Minimalism

So being a hyper excited first time pregnant gal, I do admit I started looking at Baby Stuff. Being a minimalist, however, and having a few friends out there who’ve also kept it simple in this area, there actually weren’t a ton of things that I felt were truly, truly essential.

So I played around on Pinterest for a bit and found this infographic, which then spurred me to look for more food for thought so we could create our own version of minimalist parenting. I came upon the Bohemian Minimalist Baby Gear List which really helped narrowed it down to the basics. While I don’t necessarily plan on getting the exact things she chose, the five concepts are aligned and are what I’ve kept in mind for our baby registry. I’ve added a couple at the end of my own as well…

  • Somewhere to sleep. Initially, that’ll be our bed. Amen for buying a king size bed last year. A friend who had her baby last year said they just used their changing bad and put it between them for the baby to sleep on, as it’s got that nice curve. I have no desire to get up  every few hours and walk to another room to feed the kiddo in the middle of the night. Once that gets old, something akin to The Baby Box will be sufficient.
  • A way to feed it. Beyond your boobs, of course. Insurance pays for an electric pump, and of course we’ll have a few glass bottles on hand.
  • A way for baby to get around. A baby wrap for casual, a carrier for hiking, a carseat and a bicycle seat. Bam. I’m on the fence about a stroller right away – I think it can wait, to be honest, but my mom just texted asking me if she could buy me one of those stroller/carseat “travel system” thingies so who am I to say no, right?
  • A way to calm baby. Swaddling is the plan, Stan. And some Billie Holiday and Frederic Chopin for good measure. I’m kind thinking that things that keep mama and daddy calm and grounded is also high priority – an occasional massage, babysitting help for a night out, yadda yadda yadda.
  • A simple wardrobe. I love the baby gown thing, particularly with a baby arriving in March when it’s still on the chilly side and the concept of not buttoning up little legs twenty times a day. Organic or pre-owned, those are our primary focus. And no $50 infant motorcycle jackets, y’all. Those remind me of how people dress up their cats.
  • A way to deal with the poop. Our plan is to use a local cloth diaper service. For having just one baby (Ethiopia is so far away we’re just not contemplating it right now, and for all we know we may get a toddler), a shared service like this is much more sustainable, and the efficiency of a service can’t be beat for someone running a business from home like moi. Plus it’s the same cost as icky disposables. 🙂 For when we go out, we’ll have gDiapers on hand.
  • A way to carry around the stuff. As long as it doesn’t look like a diaper bag but does the same thing, we’re cool. Diaper Dude rocks, I gotta say.


Doing What Needs to be Done

So today, ultrasound eve, I’ve felt like crap most of the day (gastrointestinally gnarly combined with an intense headache), so much so that my husband and I postponed our annual trip to Sauvie Island to pick peaches for canning and just lazied around the house. By dinner time I was in bed, pillow under my legs, trying to just breathe in and out without visiting the dunny.

Thinking about how on and off I’ve felt for the past week, I finally made the decision today to hold off on further career coaching engagements til the end of summer which is when the first trimester will have ended. This area of my work requires a different level of personal interaction and face-to-face contact, which with my health status means I can’t guarantee I’ll not be racing for the nearest bathroom mid-sentence.

It’s unfortunate but one thing I’ve learned during this crazy infertility journey? It is essential that I go with my gut (no pun intended!) and do whatever it takes to stay zen. And sometimes that means narrowing my work until I have what it takes again to give 100% in the areas I’m putting on hold.

Getting Sentimental

We haven’t had the ultrasound yet but last night I turned on this Loudon Wainwright III song that always gets the biological clock ticking, and tonight I touched my belly, wondering,

Are you in there?

Will you please stay for a while, say, the whole 9 months?


That’d be cool.

I’m nervous as hell for tomorrow’s ultrasound. There, I said it. Make this time fly. Make tomorrow one that makes me cry with joy.

“Have good trust in yourself…not in the One that you think you should be, but in the One that you are.”
~ Maezumi Roshi





10 thoughts on “Entry #85: Two Plus One

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself with high expectations. We tried cloth diapering and unfortunately our little guy’s skin was too sensitive. We tried to make it work for 8 weeks and no remedies, salves, changing every 45-60 minutes helped. The service we had was amazing and so worth it in the beginning. We are looking at trying it again now that he is older and doesn’t pee/poop all day long. My favorite carrier is a rebozo with a slip not, like this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00FHA9SRE/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1469114259&sr=8-3&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=rebozo&dpPl=1&dpID=518U8CNB44L&ref=plSrch
    E got super fat, super fast so a stroller was amazing relief, I also really wanted to be stroller-less but a 22lbs 6 month old will make you reconsider. Also check out https://www.wrapyouinlove.com it has great tutorials.


  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, the upset gut and headache could be tension, singing is a great way to relax all the tightness in the jaw,temples, neck and shoulders, no idea how to calm the gut, that is just how some of us deal with being anxious.
    How exciting to have your first scan, that will be very special.
    You may not need a stroller for a while, but check out the ‘Phil &Ted ‘ they are a New Zealand company, so not sure if you can get them in the US but they are fabulous, I Nannied for 12 years and would highly recommend this pram, it is the only one I found where a second child could sleep comfortably and that add on part can be bought separately when needed, such an awesome design.
    If you are ok with sewing you could make a Mei ty fabric carrier, there are patterns on the web, cooler in the warm weather and small to take in the diaper bag, the other wraps are great for cooler weather and when bub is tiny .
    Be aware ‘the great Tired ‘ will hit soon, I used to fall asleep at 7pm on the sofa ….sitting up !

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    1. thanks! haha yeah the ‘great tired’ is upon me already, kind of the walking dead thing but i make myself stay up so that (usually – except last night) i sleep like a log. ps – not good with sewing beyond buttons (i’m not a patient gal, that and painting i always start out with the best of intentions…) but going to be getting a lot of stuff used and my mom wants to get me the stroller/carseat ‘travel system’ so i can’t say no to that 🙂


  3. I have found I like to have a carrier and a stroller. Each one is better for different situations. You could totally wait on a stroller if you wanted to though. Definitely pick a light weight one. The one I have is a tank and I hate it. It seemed nice in the Babie R Us, but the first time I went to put it in my car I had to disassemble it!
    Most people swear by swaddling, but my kids didn’t care for it. They were kind of jerks who didn’t like anything though. No baby swings, no swaddled, no rocking chairs, it sucked. My daughter at least would calm down in the carrier most of the time, but my son was super high needs and was pretty much only happy while cradled in my arms the first 8 months. He was happiest while nursing. Odds are that won’t happen to you but just in case, know you aren’t alone! Lol.
    Also, I hate diaper bags. Of course, that’s probably to be expected from a woman who doesn’t like to carry purses either. I mostly just brought stuff around in a reusable shopping bag because I couldn’t keep track of the diaper bag in my own home.
    Anyway, I’m really enjoying reading about your journey! Thanks for all these fun updates!

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