Entry #83: Two Plus One

So these are the seven books about having a baby that we’ve had on our bookshelf since basically we started trying to conceive in early 2015. Not wanting to jinx myself, I basically read one and put them all away until the good news came in.

With, say, three days of knowing I was pregnant, I read all but one of them. Well, two I scanned through, I’ll admit, as I couldn’t find anything to really dig into. Here’s what my thoughts are thus far, with a check mark next to my top picks:

  •   Bebe Day by Day – Love love love this book. It’s by the same author who wrote Bringing up Bebe, which a girlfriend of mine had highly recommended while she was pregnant with her first, and whose philosophy around parenting has been quite similar to mine (i.e., this baby is NOT the Lion King and my husband and I will still preserve our own relationship while also becoming parents.) 
  •   Belly Laughs – I don’t care what anyone says, I adore Jenny McCarthy. She’s funny, she’s bawdy, she’s fearless, she’s smart, she’s irreverent, and most importantly, she tells it like it is. I got through this in a couple of hours and it made me laugh out loud at a very high volume. She’s so kickass.
  • Green Babies, Sage Moms – Yawn. This is basically another textbook “go green” manual which, while they aim it towards moms (why not include dads, for gods sake?!), it really for anyone who’s got an ounce of sustainability acumen, not all that shocking. BPA – duh. Low VOC paints – duh. Processed foods – duh. Environmentally friendly cleaning products – duh. They could have gone so much deeper and didn’t. Boo.
  •   Having a Baby, NaturallyAwesome!!! Finally a manual that makes sense for ME. I’m not one of those “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” generic, have-baby-in-hospital-no-matter-what expectant mothers (and obviously if you medically require a C-section or something serious like that, this is not the group I’m referring to…I’m referring to the “the only safe place for a kid to be born is in a giant hospital lying flat on your back” crowd). This book gives Pros & Cons of everything available, from home birth to birthing centers to hospitals, along with addressing the emotional and spiritual sides of becoming a parent…and respectful of all views. The author knows it’s not a one-size-fits-all world, and I love that. Also, my husband has finished the first chapter and loves it as well.
  • The Complete Organic Pregnancy – a disappointing clone of Green Babies, Sage Moms. Nothing new to learn that any existing eco-friendly gal doesn’t already know.
  • Teach Your Baby to Sign – This is the only one I haven’t dug into, but came highly recommended by a number of dads at a client lunch I hosted, who happened to be chatting about how it’s changed their lives. Will report back…

Anyone got any other recommendations? I dig the holistic take on childbirth and everything before and after. I’m pondering Ina May Gaskin’s book thus far, but otherwise am reading books on unrelated topics as I don’t plan on spending every waking moment obsessing. After all, as my husband reminds me, we’ve got a Big Red Hairy Baby at home as it is waiting to meet the kiddo!

I know, cheesy 🙂 But my girl adores little ones and will be great with our kiddo 🙂


8 thoughts on “Entry #83: Two Plus One

  1. There is a dvd of the “Dunstan” way of understanding babies cries, it really works and makes life so much calmer when you can tell what they are trying to convey.
    Most local libraries here in Australia have it, so yours may too or you could find video of the method with a Google search.
    Fingers crossed the morning sickness doesn’t hit too hard, mine was mostly ‘cooking dinner sickness’ it seems to be managed by eating a little and often, so you don’t get hungry or overloaded thru the day. It pays to have lots of healthy snacks and meals planned as you will get Very hungry from time to time, apple slices, vegie sticks with hommus or guacamole, salads, steamed vegies, fruit and yogurt , smoothies etc.

    It is all a very steep learning curve, I carried thru Summer so swimming was my favorite daily gentle excersise.

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    1. Thanks! Yes I’ve definitely been doing the small meals and then making myself get out and take the dog for a walk whenever I feel too tired as it actually gives me energy 🙂 I’m also headed to my acupuncturist for prenatal acupuncture as she’s going to work on my digestive system during the first trimester, to try to help prevent morning sickness from getting out of control 🙂

      Thanks for the video tip!


  2. What’s the Penelope Leach one like? I need a reference book for when the babies arrive! You may also like ‘Expecting Better’ by Prof Emily Oster. She is an awesome economist and a friend of mine. She busts lots of silly pregnancy myths by looking at the evidence and research data. Definitely worth a read.

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    1. Oh haha I forgot to write something about that one didn’t I?!! Well the addition I got seem to be from the 1970s or early 1980s and wasn’t very holistic in nature… kind of reminded me of what they would tell you in science class… we’re going to sign up for childbirth education classes which also fortunately include ones on how to take care of the kiddo. But yeah I’m looking for a pretty decent Manual of sorts 🙂 ironically so far “Be Prepared”, the book I got for my husband, is a pretty darn awesome start, and I think you’d like it as well as it addresses all the weird questions in a funny but honest way.

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  3. I love/d “The Baby Owner’s Manual” by Joe Borgenicht and Louis Borgenicht. It’s funny, but it’s also just sensible information. They have pregnancy and toddler versions now too. I’ve also heard good things about “Expecting Better”, and if you haven’t seen the Expecting Science blog already, it’s definitely worth looking at – https://expectingscience.com/

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  4. Aimee – congratulations on this long trek! I am so happy for you and your hubby. The most helpful books I’ve encountered are the Gesell institute books, Louise Bates Ames… “You’re X year old”, though they start at 12 months. 💖

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