Howdy folks. It’s July, it’s 63 degrees, and it’s raining on and off. Is this really summer? Well I can’t complain too much, it could be 107 like it is in the Southeastern US or flooding like it has been in Texas and West Virginia. And hey, our rain barrels are refilling šŸ™‚

Here’s my weekly wrap up of topics for the thinkers out there that I’ve come upon:

  • The NRDC is campaigning to curb carbon pollution from transportation by putting added pressure on the EPA and DOT. Click HERE to support !
  • Last night I was checking out articles tailored to first time expecting dads, and was disgusted to see the rampant sexism still flourishing in 95% of the articles. Dads being portrayed (by both the mothers and the fathers themselves) as, well, idiots, with this grand assumption that somehow because she’s carrying the baby that she’s somehow “wired” to know how to take care of a kid more than the other parent, and that the pregnant wife is a holy terror to be around and poor “dad” just needs a beer to deal with the one hour of “babysitting” (um excuse me, if you’re the dad it’s called fucking PARENTING not babysitting) while the mum was out. I shit you not, there is even a t-shirt for sale saying “be nice to me, my wife is pregnant”. My husband and I were dumbstruck at it’s repulsiveness. And people wonder why our society gender discriminates when it comes to having kids, with dads being relegated to secondary (or third) caregivers and told that bringing home a paycheck is the only thing he needs to do to be considered a good parent. So yeah, as a newbie pregnant person, I loved reading this blog post by a dad, Why You Should Care About Sexism in Parenting and Ending the “Doofus Dad” Portrayal. Anyone considering parenting should read this…and nip any doofus behavior in the bud, pronto.
  • And speaking of dads, I just learned about a local store here in Stumptown called Seahorse, started by a stay-at-home-dad and “created to celebrate the unique needs and challenges of parenting as a father in a culture that more often caters to mothers.” Just like Milagros here in Portland has a large percentage of mom-centric events, Seahorse has events just for dads, giving men a more equal footing and expectation as co-parents, learning about everything from baby wearing to diapers to carseats and more. Both places are family-oriented, so ultimately all couples, same and opposite sex, are welcome, which is rad.
  • While my back was in the danger zone recently, I Netflixed a lot and one of the most amazing documentaries I watched was The Champions, which explores the stories of what happened to the abused pitbulls who survived that sick fuck from the NFL, Michael Vick. Rather than put them to death because they’d been so horribly abused for so long, an amazing group of people found sanctuary for them, and even rehabilitated and found loving homes for many of them. It is tearjerking and tremendously important to watch even if it makes you uncomfortable. Vick, who participated in killing and dogfighting in one of the most elaborate setups out there, was actually allowed to have his job back in the NFL, further convincing me that the NFL could give a shit about anything but money.
  • Plastic-to-fuel technology: yes please! Let’s make this happen y’all! But in the meantime, REDUCE your plastic use. Recycling plastic = downcycling. A plastic tub does not make another plastic tub, sorry folks.
  • A bunch of ignorant arses in London were actually complaining that bike lanes ‘increase air pollution and congestion’. Oh lordy. It’s actually been proven the opposite, that increased bicycle infrastructure decreases GHG emissions.

I can’t end this post without mentioning the sickening lack of accountability in the police forces around the United States. With the latest two murders of innocent black men by more shitbag cops, I am sick and tired of hearing that “body cameras” and “more training” are the answer to decreasing the murders that are going on. The problem is pure and simple: police are NOT being held to the same level of accountability as the rest of us. These pricks are actually on PAID leave after murdering these men, and if history tells us anything, they’ll be acquitted, or at the most, put on desk duty. None will serve time. Until those fucking creeps are put behind bars, and therefore other cops who have been pulling this shit for so long know that there is zero tolerance for this behavior, it will continue. My heart aches for all of the individuals and families who have suffered at the hands of racist police, and I also feel for the many good officers who make the time to reach out into their communities and create relationships rather than barriers. Here in Portland, our police force is so understaffed that you don’t get to know any of them, and rarely see any type of outreach into the community. We cannot take care of each other without accountability and resources. We must be the change.

“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.”
~ Thomas Edison

5 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. The whole father thing drives me crazy! Yesterday I was trying to find an online calculator to see if we could afford for my husband to stay home, and of course everything I could find was “can your wife stay home with the kids”? I kept getting confused and putting my income in the “wife” wife spot in the calculator, so of course it kept assuming that we’d be losing 2/3 of our income instead of the 1/3 my husband brings in. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That store in Portland sounds awesome!!!


    1. Let me know if you find a non-sexist calculator!! We are actually going through the same thing with my husband to see if he can go down to part-time for a while as we need his benefits but my income. Oy!!!


  2. Seahorse sounds awesome!!! Yesss! I wrote a whole blog post about dads aren’t babysitters! It makes me so mad and sad.

    I cried at those two videos. The police here in US terrify me in comparison to police in the UK. I don’t trust them on first contact and I’m white and female, and so I know they must be even more terrifying for others. Even if the police are given more training on descalation, racism is rife (not just in the police either) these disgusting incidents aren’t going to stop. And that makes me even more mad and sad too. And now I’m hearing that hate crimes are on the increase in the UK…šŸ˜”

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  3. Thank you for mentioning the shootings. I’m amazed at some of the justifications I’ve seen for them. I’m in the uk and we are horrified that police can shoot black people with impunity. I live in a majority black community and I can’t believe those people would be at risk from police officers if they lived in the US.

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