Entry #75: Two Plus One


Compounding Side Effects

Here we are, fully into the progesterone-in-oil injections and counting down to transfer day. But you know, having been through this before, I don’t get so dramatic reacting to them anymore. It is what it is. I feel barfy sometimes. So what? I get up at 6AM for my husband to give me my PIO shot before work, then go back to bed and crash til an astounding (for me) 8:30am – and could sleep longer if my dog wasn’t there nuzzling my hand at the edge of the bed. So what? I’m blessed to not have to go into an office so if I need to sleep in, I can do that (As a recruiter, I always thought 8-5 office hours were asinine anyhow – never would I ever ask a candidate to do an interview that early! So I work when my clients and candidates need me the most, which is much more rational and business savvy). My bum is going to start to get sore to sit on with the repeat injections. So what? It’ll keep me moving, which is good for circulation. I’m hungry ALL THE DAMN TIME. So what? It doesn’t mean I have to act on every single urge. (Although last night I did give in to one, as I had an insatiable craving for fried chicken over at EaT on Williams, something I only order every couple of years, so my husband joyfully acquiesced since he’s been pretty much on the “solidarity diet” with me, focusing on energetically warm foods.)

The more I focus on the ultimate goal, and less I whimper about side effects that are only temporary, the more positive I become. And the sun is out, my garden is a growin’, and hopefully, soon, good things will come to this uterus of mine. 🙂

Supplemental Care

So these are the four supplements* I’m taking to go along with my thyroid medication and IVF drugs. The Vitamin A and Calcium/Magnesium/D are both good for multiple purposes, of course, but in particular are really helpful for bone and joint health. With both my plantar fasciitis acting up big time whenever I’m on the hormones, I read up on IVF hormones’ negative effects on the body, including bone loss, and immediately got started on these. Magnesium and Vitamin D enhance Calcium’s efficacy, and are also overall good for fertility. The Embrace Prenatal 35+ I’ve been taking since beginning the TTC life last year, and the Bromelain is what I’ll be taking for 5 days, starting on transfer day, to support implantation (as I detest pineapple, pineapple core just ain’t happenin’ for me).

*As a side note, all of these supplements are vegetarian. Whether you eat meat or not, there’s really no need for meat byproducts (gelatin from hooves, etc.) in daily vitamins and other supplements. This is a good article explaining some of the ingredients you might not realize are from animal or animal byproducts, if you’re curious. Also, all of the Country Life supplements come in glass bottles, which allow for true recycling (glass to glass), rather than downcycling, which is what happens with plastic, sadly.


To the Future Father of Our Children

As today is Father’s Day, rather than focus on our dead fathers and grandfathers, I have decided to celebrate my husband, the man who someday will be the father to our children. He is warm and kind and thoughtful and funny and nurturing and smart and courageous…everything I could ever want in a life partner. I cannot wait to see him holding our little one, whether it be one I am lucky enough to carry in my womb, from Ethiopia, or, if we are truly blessed, both. Here’s to you, my sweetheart !

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!
~Albert Einstein



21 thoughts on “Entry #75: Two Plus One

  1. This really strikes a chord with me. I’ve been suffering the buserelin side effects these past few days, and instead of feeling down about it, I’ve been trying to ride the wave, as it were. Interesting to read that you’ve been having a similar experience at a similar time xx

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  2. Hi, I need a favor. Could you tell me the exact dose of Bromaline you’ll be taking? I’m trying to ask my doctor here if I should take it too. And it’s from day of transfer + 5 is it?


        1. From everything I’ve read, you only take a certain amount of it for a certain time during the cycle because yes, at other times it can have the opposite effect. Every doctor has a different opinion …

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        2. ya, I guess. Sigh, it’s such a difficult thing. One never knows what might work and is always kept wondering ‘what if’ 😦 I’m going to start my cycle in July, so psyched out! eeeeeeee…..


        3. I couldn’t agree more. Now it’s got me wondering if I should risk it. They say you don’t take it after you get a pregnancy test result back but….argh! 16 hours til go time and I’m all over the map 😦 Glad to hear you’ve got progression on your end!


        4. 😦 sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you!!! I usually go with what i’ve thought of first, because opinions are a dime a dozen, only you can know what you are comfortable with.

          Wishing you lots of luck!!! hugs :*


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