June has kicked off and here in Portland the weather is getting fucking ridiculous. No, seriously. Forecast for today? 101+ degrees (38C). And summer doesn’t even officially begin for 18 more days. Check for some humor to go with your temps. Seriously, it’s 10AM as I type this and already 80 degrees. The house is all closed up for the day, fans are on, and while husband is at work this afternoon, the dog and I will be eating popsicles and watching Netflix under the fan. OK, she’ll be snoring and I’ll be doing the rest…but, whatever.

As a native Oregonian that means I wither above 80. Well, honestly my preferred temperature is 70, but I’ll tolerate 80. So with that, it means we had to get up early this morning to give the gardens an extra deep watering to prepare them for the weekend, get the dog out for her walk early (she’s got a pretty thin coat of hair now so we try to protect her from the sun), Dan installed the window A/C in the bedroom (hallelujah for sleep!), and I got all my old bedsheets out to toss over the tomato and pepper trellises to keep my teenager plants from getting crushed in the burning rays. So while we’re preppin’ for alladat? Here’s some links to interesting things I’ve discovered this week:

  • We’re still in duck contemplation mode and if we do it in the spring, it means we’ll need to build something in a place they’ll have some room to move around (when they’re not roaming the backyard), and by the hive is honestly the best area. Can Backyard Chickens and Bees Coexist? happily resolved my curiosity about whether this idea would work. They don’t just coexist, they thrive together!
  • The logic of “compulsory survivorship” neatly anticipates the conditions so many victims of violence face: the disbelief or indifference, the paucity of social support — to say nothing of the fact that, as Jon Krakauer notes in his book on campus rape, “Missoula,” if an individual is raped in America, more than 90 percent of the time the rapist will get away with it. It makes sense that an ethos of pluck and hardiness has taken hold. There is simply no alternative.” This comes from the thought-provoking NY Times article, The Forced Heroism of the Survivor, talking about how the word Victim has devolved in our society to an insult, with women now expected to take on metaphors like Warrior and Survivor because they’ll be deemed as weak if they don’t Battle through (and Win), if they are perceived as Vulnerable..and if you allow yourself to be the “V” word? You are seen as self-pitying, diminished, lazy. “Compulsory survivorship…places the burden of healing on the individual, while comfortably erasing the systems and structures that make surviving hard, harder for some than for others.” For the millions of us who have experienced rape and other forms of sexual abuse/assault, who will never see their attacker brought to justice, whether it be due to untested rape kits, a victim-shaming/blaming system, or the statute of limitations (my ex brother-in-law Brian Hanen can never be prosecuted for what he did to me as a child as my family didn’t tell me what he did until I was in my 20’s. And yes, this is me naming that sick piece of shit for the first time on my blog.)
  • Switching gears, I’m throwing my full support to the NRDC in their push to designating the ancient Bears Ears Monument in Utah as a national monument. This area contains “more than 100,000 American Indian archaeological sites, many of which are imperiled by looting, vandalism, and recreational vehicle use. Drilling, mining, and other industrial development also threaten to erase much of this cultural history and current way of life in the area.” Click on the link to send your support to President Obama to make this happen!
  • Killer news for bike commuters – VanMoof’s new SmartBike is, well, kick-ass. Integrated lights, keyless lock (activated by either your smartphone or fingerprint), and theft guarantee (it’s got GPS tracking inside it and if they can’t track it down within 2 weeks they replace it free of charge). Damn that’s awesome.


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