Week in Pictures

my girl, fast asleep, eyes open, tongue out πŸ™‚
Watched and was deeply inspired by every single woman on this documentary, The Women’s List. I was surprised at the tears that came when listening to Gloria Allred, and loved that she put it in black and white: “If you’re not a feminist, you’re a bigot.” Couldn’t agree more. If you don’t believe women are equal to men, that’s what it is. Catch this film on Netflix. And trust me, men need to watch this just as much as women.
Our backyard garden is progressing nicely as we kick off the month of June. With the peas gone, I planted 21 pepper plants – 15 sweet and 6 hot – woo hoo! I’ve pretty much found the bell pepper varieties that are the most reliable and productive (Melrose, Lipstick and King of the North are 3 favorites), and along with that on the hot side, every year I do a couple of serrano and then toss in a few random other chilis – this year being jalapeno, scotch bonnet, habanero and manzano – which will primarily be saved for hot sauce. Yep, my husband is now one of those guys who puts hot sauce on everything. πŸ™‚
Quite possibly the highlight of the week, picking these strawberries from our pots on the deck! I’ve previously grown strawberries in the ground and in raised beds, and now we’re doing them in pots where they won’t attempt to take over the world. YUM – talk about perfect with a handful of blueberries on our challah french toast!
Okay so I’ve been wanting to make alphabet blocks for our future kiddo(s) and found my original inspiration on this Pinterest post, and was super intrigued with the art of pyrography (using a wood-burning tool) because I wanted blocks that I didn’t have to paint as I like the brown natural look. So I picked a bunch of untreated scrap 2×4’s in the garage, (roughly) measured them out, had Dan cut them up (he’s got a much more precise eye than me when it comes to the saw), then I used a palm sander to soften all sides and edges, drew the letters on in pencil, then used the wood burning tool (looks like this) to burn the letters in. It was MUCH harder than I thought it would be! Lessons learned: 1) make sure to buy a tool that has multiple tips (mine only had one type which made curvy letters very awkward), and 2) go slow, and 3) you won’t look like a pro on the first go!

And today, we decided to check out the local Audubon Society’s Nature Sanctuary, just 15 minutes from our house. Our goal is to go on at least 2 new hikes a month (every other week) so we are constantly discovering new beauty, both inside and outside of Portland. After our anniversary weekend involving so much driving, I wanted to stay close and with this being part of Forest Park adjacent to downtown, it was a nice getaway into nature without any massive carbon footprint πŸ™‚ (and yes that’s my husband with a bumblebee on his hand)

2 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. hahaha I have pictures of my dog sleeping with exactly the same face! Tongue hanging out and all.

    One of the first things I’d do if I lived in a temperate climate would be to plant strawberries, I think – except that my plants never live very long. What’s the opposite of a green thumb?

    I’d love to watch that documentary some time (that link doesn’t work for me because of country restrictions or something). This week for me has been a very sobering reminder of the very real and pervasive challenges that women face, even in so-called “developed” countries.

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