An entire raised bed (in the background) was dedicated to our peas and resulted in this huge basket (we could have gone another month but the bed’s reserved for peppers and those will always be more important to us!). Spent 3 hours shelling all of them and wound up with…4 pints. Argh. At least they’re incredibly easy to grow 🙂

Last week of May, y’all! Here in the US it’s Memorial Day weekend which for corporate folks means they have a 3 day weekend, but for us solopreneurs and those who don’t work regular corporate jobs (like the many in the service/retail and other industries where the show must go on), it’s just another bunch of days on the calendar. So, that means my husband and I are both working. It’s always a funny question when folks ask “how’s your weekend?” as if no one in the world works on Saturdays or Sundays, isn’t it…?

Anyhoo. Comment for the day. 🙂  So here are some interesting things I came across this past week I thought I’d share…

  • One of the great things about my work is how many totally cool people I get to meet and their wildly diverse backgrounds. Recently I met a woman who is finishing up a nearly two-year Pan-American trip with her partner, and she shared her amazing photo blog that, oh yes, includes her trip to not only South America, but Antarctica. Talk about totally inspiring my husband and I to go more places!!
  • I’m not a tiny house person, per se, but I must say I would totally be fine with this tiny house on Sauvie Island if I needed to be.
  • Reading about breast cancer surgeon Dr. Laura Esserman in the New York Times was mindblowing. Not only did she oversee the drug trial I-SPY 2 (to reduce the cost and time required to test new b/c medications, as it “matches drugs with patient subtypes, allowing drugs from different companies to be assessed simultaneously, and much earlier in the disease process, while quickly phasing out those that do not appear to be working.”), she has been a leader in the fight to reduce unnecessarily invasive treatments for DCIS, which is deceptively referred to by some as “pre-cancer” when it’s actually a risk factor for cancer – very different, as it means for many, they will never actually develop cancer and risk can be reduced in less invasive, less toxic ways. She firmly believes that breast cancer screenings all too often bring overdiagnosis and overtreatment, and as the Times reports, “her approach was given a boost by a long-term study published in the journal JAMA Oncology. The analysis of 20 years of patient data made the case for a less aggressive approach to treating…DCIS, for which the current practice is nearly always surgery, and often radiation. The results suggest that the form of treatment may make no difference in outcomes.” As director of UCSF’s Breast Cancer Care Center, Esserman is a true advocate for women. I am in awe of her wisdom, her courage, and her impact in the field of women’s medicine.
  • On a totally different note, we’ve contemplated returning to our younger years back when going into wilderness included things like tents and sleeping bags. Not sure when or if we’ll really do that, as strangely even though I was raised on camping trips growing up, now I have a secret crush on the idea of glamping. But, either way, I thought this list of top eco-friendly camping equipment was pretty rad.
  • And while we unfortunately had a dipshit president named Reagan once say “you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen ’em all” and tried to claim that cars were cleaner than trees – and then destroyed so many environmental protections back in the 1980s, luckily there is proof that urban trees are good for your health. Bam. (mic drop)

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now.
~Chinese proverb


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