May! Yay! The next stage of blooming has begun in the garden, from roses going all out to the chive blossoms to cornflowers in abundance (a bee favorite) to our sage out front which rarely flowers. Lovely…

Here are some other cool things I found out this week I thought I’d share…

  • Shout out for OSMO Polyx-Oil, the low-VOC, plant-based finish for wood furniture and other projects. We got it where we’ve been shopping at for years, The Green Depot (formerly Environmental Building Supplies and EcoHaus) where FYI, you can shop online too! Great service and products you can’t find anywhere else, and super nice folks to boot. Anyhow, I’ve been using it on a DIY project that we’re in the final phase on…I can’t wait to show y’all (hopefully next week!)!!!
  • When it comes to the word “girl”, I prefer it to never be used to refer to women in the workplace. Use it in social situations, i.e. “girlfriends”, etc., fine – but when colleagues refer to grown women as “girls”, it’s unacceptable and demeaning. So the recent trend of using #GirlBoss to describe female managers makes me want to gag. Not only does it infantilize women by referring to them with a term referring to a child, it also makes it seem like a less normal thing to have a woman in a position of authority. Like “lady doctor” instead of “doctor”. Like “male nurse” instead of “nurse” – it’s a term that was invented to seem empowering but actually reduces women in leadership to their XY chromosomes. Be the boss, not the #girlboss is what I’m talking about, y’all.
  • Holy moly, another killer salmon recipe, this one breaking the land record for fastest dinner EVAH, in just 15 minutes! Mustard Roasted Salmon has only 4 ingredients: salmon, mustard, syrup, garlic and lemon juice. Those four items that go with the fish? Always in my house. That and grab a couple handfuls of romaine from the garden and whip up a vinaigrette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, sprinkled with sunflower seeds and a handful of blueberries? One of my favorite dinners on a warm evening out in the backyard. Happy sigh…
  • In daring to investigate my love/fear relationship with yoga recently, I came upon the article The struggle is real, and it’s all in your mind. For many years, I did yoga anywhere from 2-4 times per week. It was my haven, my savior, my strengthening force. And then I hurt my back, and the habit dissipated as by the time I was ready to return, the studio had increased their class rates by 50%. $250+/month for yoga? It was wrong to do that, and I had to draw the line. So I tried for a spell to do it from home. And then infertility shit got real. When I needed yoga the most, I was chock full of hormones that more often than not made me just want to hide under a blanket and cry. My energy was sacked, my heart was breaking, and my rational mind was being protected for my professional life. That’s the only way I felt I could self preserve. Because as the article’s author said, “For me the hardest part of yoga is my self-imposed frustration and self-doubt. Our culture is used to instant gratification, but yoga doesn’t work like that. You can’t go around the hard stuff, you have to go through it.” And when you’re going through the struggle of infertility treatment and an adoption process that went from fast-moving to a real question of the program’s future due to the country’s instability? More often than not, you would rather tiptoe around it, or sit there, under the blanket, looking at the hard stuff from a foot or so away, afraid to feel any more than you already have. But I’m trying, trying so hard to get my body to just take my intellectual mind’s word for it and get over to the little studio in the neighborhood that has my best interests in mind…and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Wish me strength.
  • And finally, on a lighter note, I LOVED Jimmy Kimmel’s climate change piece he did the other night, in partnership with real climate scientists. Watch:

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