April is OVER! Bring on the sunshine and garden glory…including some damn bees!!! We have found that nucs are sold out, no one has called us about a swarm, and our trap and hive seem to be doing nothing to attract the honeybees yet…sad face…

Here are some things though that I thought were share-worthy…

  • Dan and I made these Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Portobellos the other night and oh my GAWD they were delish!! Substitutions did come up as we were out of bread but had one lonely wheat bagel that we used to make the crumbs from, and I used leftover white wine instead of stock that I also was out of, heh. And along with that, we were having “technical difficulties” with our fresh artichoke prep skills (fortunately our garden will give us plenty of new attempts this summer when they are fresh!) so we actually left out the artichokes and doubled up on the parmesan and still? They tasted sooooo awesome!
  • “I was to be taught instrumental aggression. The pain caused by 9/11 was to be tied to the everyday group dynamics of our unit. This is how they would get me to fight effectively. I was about to be cut off from my previous life and psychological manipulation of a radical sort would be involved. This is something you should prepare yourself for.” Those who know me well know that I am a longtime pacifist, against killing others as a form of solving problems, which for me includes our military who has always used the term ‘freedom’ when they really mean ‘economics’, the real root cause of war. Rory Fanning’s piece, Letter from an Army Ranger, spoke so poignantly about what you are truly signing up for when you join the military. I am forever grateful my father, an Army captain, did not ever have to serve during wartime where he had to participate in the killing of others. and  “Police have killed something like 5,000 people in this country since 9/11—more, in other words, than the number of American soldiers killed by “insurgents” in the same period. In those same years, outfits like the Rangers and the rest of the US military have killed countless numbers of people worldwide, targeting the poorest people on the planet.  And are there fewer terrorists around? Does all this really make a lot of sense to you?”
  • On a completely different note, I’ve fallen in love with the Be Nourished blog which I found when doing some light research on why we are all weighed and measured at every doctor’s appointment. You Have a Right to Refuse to be Weighed really was an eye opener for me, as there have been very few times when I’ve been in a doctor’s office where my weight was relevant to treatment. Why does my primary care provider need to measure my height before a pap smear? Why does my dermatologist need to put me on the scale? I’ve never been weighed by my RE, never been talked to about my “BMI” (which was created by a mathematician 200 years ago has been proven to be a terrible indicator of not only obesity, but overall health). As the author reminds care providers, “When they see the number, it triggers thoughts about restriction, weight loss, and eating disordered behaviors like purging or compulsive exercise. Being told their weight has the potential to disrupt months, if not years, of progress to reclaim body trust and practice weight-neutral self-care…Only you know how you feel in your body, how your clothes fit, your joints move, your energy levels and vitality – none of which can be measured by a scale.”
  • On the topic of sustainability, recently I read about the blog Fort Negrita in an issue of Essence magazine, and fell in love with her style, humor and approachability in how she communicates to her audience. Her most recent post, 3 ‘What If’ Questions Around Rap Culture and Sustainability, was no exception, but I gotta say, I’m hooked on her columns about Zero Waste.
  • Speaking of she-roes, I’ve also become mad about the amazing feminist Amy Richards. I discovered her originally on the Makers website, watching her videos, and love how she’s both partnered with the great Gloria Steinem, but also speaks to women 15-30 of all backgrounds, colors, sexuality and more with passion, empathy and clarity. Galvanized by renewed attacks on reproductive freedom, the Anita Hill hearings, the Rodney King trial, and the William Kennedy Smith rape trial, Richards was among a small cohort of self-described “Third Wave” feminists who sought to make the next push for feminism, broadening the movement’s concerns to more completely include issues of gender, sexuality and class.
  • And while I don’t smoke pot, haven’t in years (and even then it was maybe once every few years as I always hated the smell of it, ha), living in Oregon where it’s been legalized (finally!) has been an interesting sociological phenomenon to observe, from folks now having their plants out in the open in pots in their backyard, to the fact that there are now more cannabis shops than Starbucks in Portland, to my neighbor being a cannabis marketing consultant featured on the front page of one of our big weekly zines, and to the environmental issues surrounding the growth of marijuana which is incredibly energy and water intensive. Here’s a good article on the complexity of the organic cannabis discussion.

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”
~Mark Twain (from Tom Sawyer, Detective)

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