First – love and gratitude for Prince. I can’t believe he’s gone. There are very few artists whose deaths have reduced me to a puddle of tears. Having grown up with Prince, from asking my mom to buy me an actual Raspberry Beret to wear for Christmas the year that song came out (I got one), to buying the 12″ maxi-single to Gett Off (just listened to it the other day), to singing in the car to Do U Lie? and Kiss and I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man, to selling his tapes at the record store I worked at in high school (this was back in the Graffiti Bridge era) and loving his duets over the years, especially Madonna in Love Song and in later years, with No Doubt in Waiting Room.

Happy Earth Day to everyone!

After more unseasonably hot days here in Oregon, with temps going as high as 89 degrees and our garden going a bananas with roses in bloom and tulips finishing out in a hurry, the cool temps are back and rain is in the forecast for the weekend. Husband and I commemorated the warm week with BBQ in the backyard, shish kebabs and homemade macaroni salad, he finished a big part of a DIY project he’s been hard at work on (last leg coming soon – along with pictures and a blog reveal!), then came in to close the windows and turn the fans off as the rain arrived in a hurry.

With an artist like Prince inspiring so many, here are a few things I thought were worthy of celebrating this week…

  • Hope Grows on Trees – great NRDC story that showed up in my inbox this morning.
  • While I always knew they were great, I loved reading the other day in the Tribune that SCRAP here in Portland, which provides creative recycled materials for teachers and the general public, “diverts 140 to 150 tons of material from the waste stream each year”. Want to learn more about the awesome lady who kicked it all off? Click here for my interview done a few years ago!
  • San Francisco may be completely unaffordable to live in, but they do continue to take great strides environmentally, including this solar mandate for new buildings.
  • While there’s a lot of shit going on, here are 46 Environmental Victories since the first Earth Day, 46 years ago. When I was in school, three key topics came up a lot, before “sustainability” was a term: 1) Acid Rain, 2) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and – by high school, 3) Recycling. During my senior year, I took a speech class that was videotaped, entitled Why We All Must Recycle. Maybe someday I’ll get that digitized and show y’all, hee hee.
  • And finally, it may not be perfect, but the Paris Climate Agreement was signed by 150 countries today. Let’s hope we don’t get either of those fuckwit Republicans in the White House this November.

“You can’t be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.”
~ Hal Borland



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