Week in Pictures

Tick Tock, Bees. We’ve had your swarm trap up for a week and have a great hive to take you to! Please come soon!
My horticultur rockstar husband has figured out how to bonsai an oak tree. Holy crap.
Onions! Onions! O happy day!
YUM! My newest attempt at homemade mustard! This one is a Rosemary-Thyme Mustard made by simply soaking the mustard seeds (bought in the bulk aisle, of course, for next to nothing) with herbs and ACV for a couple days, then add salt and a wee bit of brown sugar and grind up in a mini food processor. Smells SO good! No way am I spending $5 or more on mustard when mine cost maybe thirty cents to make!
Psyched to see our toad lilies are back for the 2nd year and are spreading in the shade next to our salmonberry and salal. Learn more and see what they look like in bloom HERE.
So this week it hit – no joke – 89 degrees. With that, we cooked dinner outside. So SO awesome to grab fresh greens and make a salad from the elevated bed literally right next to our new cooking area we built this past winter!
Our wedding anniversary comes up next month and we’re so excited to be spending a long weekend in Central Oregon! My husband’s never been to the high desert here yet, so we’ve got an Airbnb at this cabin in the town of Sisters (about 3.5 hours from Portland), with that as a home base as we explore the region, where I myself haven’t spent time at in 30+ years. We’re going to do a loop, going along the Columbia River Gorge and dropping down through Warm Springs, and return through the Cascade Mountains passing by Detroit Lake (which last year was almost completely dry due to the drought – so glad we got so much snow this winter in the mountains!). Our goal is to chill out and hike, but on one day hit the ghost towns including Shaniko, as well as the Painted Hills and the John Day Fossil Beds. FUN!
I realized I forgot to show this in my last TGP post, but this is our compost bin that my husband and I built last year and put in the corner of our backyard. We put a split down the middle inside with two lids so that we can fill one up and let it cook while filling up the other, and vice versa. He cut out this nice little trap door to get the compost out of….but it was about an inch short as you can see on the bottom, and so while the entire bottom has tiny mesh protecting it from big critters, this little bit seems to be where the mice are getting in. UGH! That and the back corner is starting to sink as it appears the ground over there is collapsing a bit (there used to be a laurel there which was removed…can’t believe I didn’t think about that when we placed it there, oy!). But so far, no rats – they’re just too big, thank goodness – they prefer our neighbor’s chicken coop as that’s not kept clean, unfortunately (sigh…).  But still? I want that compost for my garden -not for mice families to dine on!! 🙂
And finally, as one might imagine, I’ve got a bit on my mind not just fertility-wise but with the days winding down for my mother’s husband who is in hospice from cancer (he’s 85). This is me with him in 2008, ironically about 2 weeks before I started this blog due to my father’s impending death. It’s a strange thing for me as my greater concern, since I am not close to him and he’s lived a long full life, is how it will impact my mother. I am not close to her anymore but they’ve been married 35 years and that’s going to really change her life dramatically. While those who know my story understand why I have chosen to not be around them (nothing puts the final nail into a relationship like telling me they never really liked me then later welcoming the man who molested me into their house when their other daughter gets back together with him years later), it has brought up a lot of stuff emotionally that I’m processing. So glad I’ve got the best partner a woman could ever ask for.
'Here's the problem, sir. This isn't blood in your veins. It's red ink.'
And finally, the lab at Legacy Emanuel Hospital that accidentally FROZE my NK blood test samples, forcing me to go back Saturday for a re-draw, called me again today to say that guess what? While they didn’t freeze it, they DID forget to send it out to the lab in Utah within the required 48 hours needed to test for NK…so could I please come back AGAIN tomorrow? What. The. Fuck.



3 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. Wtf alright, I did like the cartoon though 😉
    So much to comment on in this post! The Airbnb spot looks amazing, it will be so good for you two to get away for a bit! The toad lily flowers look so pretty, the name doesn’t do them justice. Your mustard sounds and looks amazing! And as always I’m totally in awe with your gardening skills & motivation. You two are a force to be reckoned with!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh you’ve got to be kidding ! Seriously ? Do you know if the testing company has some sort of governing body that you can report them to, SUCH an unprofessional attitude and manner of conducting their business.

    Liked by 1 person

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