The day after our DEIVF transfer, we headed to the beach for the day. 80 degrees in April at the coast – very weird. Nice to get away but I gotta say, never again to Cannon Beach and the tourist trap that it sadly is (shoulda known better, just thought on a weekday we’d get lucky…oy!).

Early April. It’s 5:54pm as I start this post and it’s 80 degrees. Eighty, you read that right. We are kind of blown away by this mini heat wave and are worried about our garden. I don’t like this kind of weather this early, no matter how much of a bah-humbug I might sound like. It’s stressful on plants, and honestly – I *love* springtime and am not ready for summer!!!!

Anyhoo. Here are a few cool things I’ve learned about this past week…

  • Thinking about running away to the country? Check out Ten Things to Think About When Buying the Land for your Homestead. As some folks know, we are still a bit daydreamy about that idea and while it’s nothing imminent, it’s niggling away at us and we look at the countryside a bit differently every time we’re out there.
  • Well, fuckin’ oath, as my sweetheart would say, that’s cool. I Love a Girl Who Swears – Backed by Science is awesome. Husband loved it. My favorite excerpt? “If Helen Mirren was your mother, she would teach you to say F*CK OFF.
  • Being the owner of a 1925 home, I absolutely LOVED The 10 Quirks of Old Houses. I gotta say, the built-in beehives were my favorite!
  • And as a new member of the Portland Urban Beekeepers group, I wanted to share this blog post talking about the Afghanistan Delegation Visit earlier this year, where folks visited PUB and Zenger Farms to learn more about how we do things here in Oregon. Rad.
  • Still digging The Tattooed Homestead blog and with that, am a bit inspired by their Homesteading Skills bucket list. I think I need to carve a section in my notebook for a list of my own…and perhaps a blog post. SO many things we want to at least try!
  • Finally, in my excitement for spring and bees and all that good stuff, this week we picked up a bunch of bee-friendly flowering plants and seeds to sow like flax to add to our pretty tempting flower garden. As tomorrow we’re going to put up our swarm trap on the back side of the garage, and the number of beekeepers in Portland, I want to make our trap and backyard as sexy as possible for a swarm to adopt us as their new home. Crossing fingers!!

β€œOne can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees…”
― Leo Tolstoy

3 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. Both times my wife and I have been to the PNW we’ve gone out of our way to go to Cannon Beach (ok the first time we wanted to see the Goonies house), and it might be my favorite beach. The Wayfarer is definitely our favorite restaurant anywhere around there.
    Good luck with the DEIVF… we’re on deck for the next one in about a month or so…

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    1. Thanks so much! PS… The Goonies house is in Astoria about 50 miles north, but close… my husband is from Australia and when I was there with him a few years ago they were actually playing The Goonies at the theater which was pretty awesome πŸ™‚ best of luck to you in your next round…


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