Week in Pictures

Spring has definitely sprung! Last fall we planted these crazily gorgeous tulip bulbs and while I personally am usually fairly traditional in my choice of tulips (i.e., solids), last year we decided to experiment with these ones and I gotta say, I’m blown away every time I see these. It’s also the first time I’ve planted tulips in a pot as the rest of ours are scattered about the front and back yards, and kinda dig this!


After an intense 3 weeks of prepping his store for opening in North Portland, they’re open for business! Folks might not know, but when a new store opens, they don’t have a whole crew of special folks hired to unpack and set everything up – the new team does almost everything themselves, from unwrapping individually packed knives and forks, to building shelves and more. Sure there are facilities experts who help with the big stuff, but the majority of the legwork is done by the people who serve you every day. Kinda cool, as when you get the chance to open a store, you really see it kick off the ground up. And boy did the community show up in droves for the grand opening! I came by to support my hubby on opening day and it was Thanksgiving-level traffic in the parking lot!


So on Dan’s first day off post-opening, I thought it’d be fun to take him around to some of the gourmet shops that he’d never been to in the city (we have a LOT here in Portland which has really transformed into a foodie town over the past decade). Along with my favorite old-school gourmet foodshop, City Market NWwe checked out – and fell in love with – Conserva (pictured), who sells Spanish and French specialty foods. Our takeaway? Grilled bottled artichokes. Heaven…


Yes, more of our lovely tulips from the garden. Husband picked this lovely bouquet for me while I was making breakfast. Yup, he’s a keeper. 🙂

On Dan’s day off, we all collapsed. Ruby in the grass under the clothesline, Dan sitting up in the chaise lounge, and me next to him under the sun umbrella. Nice…

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