Welcome to my ‘hood.

April is here!

Such a beautiful way to start the month – 75 degrees in today’s forecast, we kicked off our drip irrigation in the raised beds, and

  • Hey Oregonians, if you’ve not already familiar with these folks, you must check out Salvage Works in North Portland’s Kenton neighborhood. While larger places like The Rebuilding Center have a ton of inventory, Salvage Works specializes in reclaimed wood from old homes, barns, and other buildings. We have been looking to update our bookshelves to wall-mount, and Dan being the woodworking fella like his father and grandfather, finding some great old pieces to clean up for this was our goal. Nothing at TRC even came close, and he discovered this online so we hopped over there the other day and scored gorgeous heavy-ass 1×10 wood reclaimed from an old barn in Stayton, Oregon – for (after our Chinook Book coupon) only $60. Dang! Way cooler, way better quality, and way cheaper than any retailer!). They were so nice too and even cut it to size to fit it in our car! So my honey was super jazzed, to say the least. Next up? I’ll be introducing him to the joyful insanity that is Hippo Hardware for shelving hardware 🙂
  • A super interesting discussion of the best ways to store cheese. Whodathunk. Don’t you just love what you can learn on blogs sometimes?
  • While we really dig some aspects of the elementary school near our house (awesome diversity being number one), my husband and I love the idea of unschooling/homeschooling when our family finally begins, and Confessions of an Un-Socialized Public Schooled Child spoke to this gut feeling we’ve had for a while. Having grown up in one of the best school districts in Oregon, the only things that really shone for me were the English, Social Studies, and Arts classes. No one ever made STEM subjects fun or creative, and pretty much squashed my interest in that academic area. Not to mention teachers (even the good ones) did nothing to stop the bullying and other forms of harassment in classes. And in today’s world of standardized testing which I believe is screwing students over right and left? I just can’t imagine putting my kiddos through the systems as it stands, and don’t jive with the idea of private school, which ultimately separates the haves from the have-nots.
  • On a totally different subject, we are getting ready to attend our first Portland Urban Beekeepers meeting next week, and with that this past week I applied two coats of tung oil to the exterior of the hive boxes and roof. We also found this great Bee Friendly Gardening post with a whole list of what flowers bloom when that attract pollinators. Even for non-beekeepers this is great to have!
  • Always a fan of the NRDC and their latest victories in Alaska to keep roadless lands is so awesome. Donate to them, even if it’s just a small amount – they are worth it.
  • Finally, on a seriously joyful note, I fell in love with Please Send Cheese!, Samantha Stacks’ blog documenting her 2 years in the Peace Corps, spent in Ethiopia. This is one of the many reasons that we are in love with this country…

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.
~Pablo Neruda


One thought on “Eco-licious

  1. I love these weekly posts – inspiration across the ocean! I sowed bumble bee friendly wild flower seeds in our tubs last year. Bumble bees have a particularly tough time in London, even more so than honey bees which are being encouraged by urban beekeepers. Hopefully we’ll see a few more bees on our Battersea balcony this summer.

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