Week in Pictures


Trilliums in bloom in the forest during our last hike! Ours in the side yard are only starting to bud out of the ground but we’re honestly just happy to have them return after an initial tough (hot) year.


We had one full, gloriously sunshiny day and so I snapped a super quick shot of our first anemone coming up. Happy happy!


Our first attempt at making a row cover with plastic :). With a crazy warm April and overall growing season predicted, we’re going to take a massive risk and plant our tomato starts early. Next week? Temps in the 70’s in the forecast -whoa! Farmer’s Almanac, right again!


Bleeding hearts in bloom behind our garage – I’m seriously crushin’ on these beauties!


Planted double the number of tulip bulbs last fall, and repaid royally!! We tried to plant successive flowers, so that the tulips take over where the daffodils leave off, and after that come the cornflowers (see the little green foliage coming up in the bottom right of the photo).


My two favorite living creatures alongside the Yamhill River last weekend when we explored the McMinnville area. There were very few forested areas in Joe Dancer Park, this seems like it would have been, by the river, but sadly it was ~50′ from a parking lot 😦


Chillin’ with Abe during a field trip out to McMinnville


Returning home to find our first white tulip just beginning to bloom! Last fall we bought a ton more bulbs in varying colors then mixed them up before planting, so every one that bloomed would be a surprise 🙂


Hellebores hiding amongst the more aggressive ferns behind the garage in the backyard. Aphids got to them a bit but I love their texture so I snapped in b&w…

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