So hard to concentrate with this staring at you when you are blogging…

A few days of sunshine! Good good good.

  • On my quest to continue making more of the basics myself, after having a recipe cut out for at least 2 years, I finally got off my duff and made homemade mustard. Seriously y’all? It took like 2 seconds to whip it up. Well, you have to let it sit for week or two to let it absorb all the flavors, but it’s SOOOO cheap if you buy the dry mustard from the bulk aisle, and SOOOO worth it. My original recipe was a honey-lime one, but as my husband’s sandwich obsession has cleaned out most of the inventory already, I’m going to try this rosemary-thyme mustard recipe next, and am on the lookout for a stout one, as the man likes anything that hints of his favorite type of beer (i.e., that dark chewable stuff as I call it).
  • This hand-built Japanesehouse is in Oregon and so cool and I’m so sad it’s not available on Airbnb anymore…but remains so inspiring on how a small home can indeed still be built without a huge footprint. Sigh…
  • I always thought the “curvy Barbie” thing was complete bullshit. First, she still has her ‘high heel feet’. Second, our society is in a place where any woman over a certain curvature (i.e., doesn’t wear a size 2) is pressured to hate herself because she doesn’t have a ‘revenge body’. So I wasn’t surprised to read that Girls React to New ‘Curvy’ Barbie: Fat Fat Fat. If it’s okay to have curves, why are they not selling her on her own? What’s scary is this Barbie is not fat. They didn’t give her a big stomach or booty – they actually just gave her a non-distorted waistline. As a kid who was given Barbies and thought they were stupid because she was unable to stand up on their own (interesting commentary, no?), because her friend Skipper who had brown hair like me was considered second rate, and because to me that’s just not how women looked (back then my mom was curvy and thick, something I never thought bad), I just had no interest. I’d rather be outside playing with the boys. (And no, that does not warrant the title “tomboy” – I fucking hate that sexist term). Most dolls anyhow have always freaked me out – give me a stuffed animal any day over one!
  • Can’t afford a comfy chair for your patio? Build your own here! My husband and I got so tired of our adirondack chairs. They looked really cool, but for us, we ended up hating the forced slant and the low height of them. Honestly, if I’m sitting on my deck looking out into our neighborhood, I want to be comfortable as hell – while not feeling like I may turn into an flipped-over bug trying to get out of the chair if someone walks up. We sold those chairs on Craigslist recently, and are now evaluating whether we want to build some like this from scrap wood, or find something second-hand. Remains to be seen…
  • And while in my humble opinion I believe that very few technologies will truly save the planet or improve our relationship with it (sorry, while I may impart some useful info at times, this blog is not saving the world, bet you are utterly shocked), I gotta say I was stoked to read about what Trailhead Labs is doing. With a mission “to get outside for fun without driving cars” and making it way easier to find out what’s around instead of having five books about “ten hikes in ten days” (the author of our recent book we bought, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Portland – was a total like, with a large number of the hikes at 80 to 100 miles away, a significant difference in travel time!), I’m looking forward to them growing beyond the Bay Area so folks here in the Northwest and other areas can enjoy as well!

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”
~Henry David Thoreau


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