Week in Pictures

This may not seem exciting at first glance but this is the inside of the gorgeous US Custom House here in Portland, where my mother and father first met worked together there more than 4 decades ago. The building lay empty for years, with multiple plans for redevelopment, from a hotel to an art school, while the TV show Grimm used the exterior (police station), but now WeWork acquired the space, renting to freelancers, solopreneurs and small companies/teams, including my client, Treetop Commons. So you know I jumped at the chance to return to the office where I visited many times as a little girl! Very different from the old vibe of the 70’s where everyone had an ashtray on their desk, but they preserved the history of the building beautifully…including the staircase I remember most. What a trip!
Those who know me well know I like to experiment in the kitchen. Those who have known me for a long time know that I had a serious obsession with baking desserts (including my past chocolatier-ing for my company, Bittersweet). Now that I’m pretty much past my gluten-free phase and simply choose whole foods more that sometimes¬†happen to be GF (although I still make pancakes with Bob’s Red Mill GF flour, as it just tastes SO crazy good!), I am really intent on learning more about bread. Now, I’ve been baking my own yeast and quick breads for years, but really have stuck with the same few recipes and haven’t really studied the art and science of it all. So the other day I found a used copy of How to Make Bread which is designed very well – lots of how-to photos, good ingredient explanations, etc – and is written by a guy with serious street cred. Here goes nothin’!
Primarily dreaming of being back in the garden as the weather has been shit lately. But today promises to be in the upper 50’s and the rest of the week in the low 60’s so we’ll be charging the garden like bulls!
Then there’s our sweet Crazy Eyes, sleeping with her eyes rolled back while I work…
But this is what she looked like bright eyed and bushy tailed in her smart red jacket when we went up to the Gorge on Saturday!
And finally? I’ve decided to take another class at the community college after taking a couple years off (hey I’ve been busy!). I gotta say watching my husband be back in school (he just finished a Writing class at PCC) made me a wee bit jealous, as we both adore any opportunity to learn we can get our hands on! So, after taking several health classes already, primarily in women’s and environmental health, I’ve enrolled starting the 28th in Children’s Health & Nutrition at PCC (online), which I’m pretty excited for! And it really got me thinking about focusing even more on the topic of community/public health, and how I might be able to give back more to my community…but I’ll talk more on that soon!

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