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Sometimes I gotta celebrate. Yesterday was a rare sunny morning after weeks of rain, so I made an omelette with local bacon, organic spinach and a tad of French roquefort, accompanied by a side of our peaches we picked & canned last summer, and the ultimate comfort drink, a cup of Prana Chai in almond milk (we buy a case of St Kilda’s finest each year, as they just don’t make anything like it here). Ahhh…

Good grief! March is definitely “in like a lion” here in Oregon and in many parts of the country!! Altogether too much rain and a bit chillier than I consider reasonable! πŸ™‚ But hey, the peas are a few inches high, the tulips almost all have buds in them and should be blossoming soon, with the lilacs getting their act together to follow shortly thereafter. So there’s always something to look forward to…

Here’s some food for thought as we approach the middle of March…

  • Is safe, clean drinking water a right? NRDC explores and finds out the deplorable truth in our national and international policies. See why water “rights” are being bought up right and left? Ugh…
  • We love feeding our dog Ruby veggies as snacks and she happily gulps up all of them. My beloved Daisy who I said goodbye to 4 years ago this summer? She was even more bold, pulling carrots right out of the garden to snack on them. Ruby’s favorite is zucchini that I shredded and froze last year when we got “all zucchini’d out” as many gardeners will empathize, and recently I discovered a bunch of chopped okra in our basement freezer that I’d frozen last summer, and sure enough, she loves it too. Veggies are great as they add vitamins, fiber, and moisture to their diets – just don’t go overboard unless you want stinky dog farts choking you out πŸ™‚
  • I follow very few sustainability blogs any more. Since a certain Carolina blogger (who shall remain nameless) stopped her awesome weekly posts about reducing our footprints, I’ve found few out there to follow who really challenge me beyond my existing green living choices as an urban homesteader. One of those few isΒ Treading My Own Path, and you gotta check out this week’s post on what she uses instead of shampoo to keep her hair shiny and clean!
  • Speaking of great bloggers, check out The Shameful Sheep’s Etsy store. One of my eco-jealousy issues I want to overcome is my complete lack of knowledge of anything related to the knitting world. Sure, I can sew a button back on, and yes, I did two quilting projects, which pretty much consisted of tying a lot of knots, but real knitting? I feel like I’m not truly meeting my eco-potential without knowing the basics of yarn. In the meantime, I’ll dream about the little owl with matching blankie that we’ll custom order in blue and green if our IVF turns out positive next month πŸ™‚
  • Food for thought in this election system: The Secret to Bernie Sanders’ Success? He’s Not a Woman. I can’t justify voting for a man who may have good ideas but has no plan, no experience in foreign policy, who overtly mansplains to Clinton, and who I can’t for the life of me envision being a relationship builder. Yes, we need a revolution, but we also need reality and strategy – and someone who does not define the old white male president stereotype. Still voting for Hillary, y’all.
“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”
~ Hillary Clinton

One thought on “Eco-licious

  1. I’m hearing you with Sanders. Though he does appeal to some of my Marxist leanings in a philosophical sense, the camaraderie stops fairly quickly when I realize that he is another rich white man who will maintain that not only presidential stereotype you point out but in all likelihood will continue to foster a primarily male leadership team. I do think that the US needs to step out of historical precedent and get a woman behind the wheel. It has done it by jumping over the racial boundary, time to do it with gender, a no less equally important bridge to cross.

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