Week in Pictures

In my ‘last hurrah’ before eliminating gluten, dairy and sugar for the next 3 weeks (my body is just needing a cleanse), we spoiled ourselves with a trip to Pix Patisserie for the best dessert in town. The bottom left one, the Concorde (chocolate meringue with chocolate mousse on the inside) is my favorite, and yes he ordered TWO desserts the Shazam (chocolate and caramel tower of awesomeness) AND a dish of their homemade vanilla ice cream. So there ya go!
We are madly in love with the chicken coop built in the back of the property at Pistils Nursery in North Portland. A fairly simple design we think we could make on our own with scrap wood, and one that would allow walking in rather than crouching as so many coops seem to be designed for! Not sure when this will happen as we’ve got enough on our plate, but it’s great inspiration!
Husband is falling in love with Central City Coffee’s Old Town Roast. Not only do the proceeds help the homeless get back on their feet, the product is also sustainably and ethically sourced. We learned about it recently while actually walking through New Seasons and running into one of my favorite former baristas who now works for CCC – and if anyone knows coffee, it’s him. He wasn’t wrong in his recommendation!
As Q1 wraps up for my business, I’m proud to have donated a portion of my profits to the Portland Animal Welfare Team whose mission is to “keep people and their pets together during the most difficult times of their lives through free veterinary care for the pets of people who are homeless or living in acute poverty.”
The second nonprofit for Q1, and just as close to my heart, is Janus Youth’s Village Gardens program, whose reach continues to grow through individual and family garden plots, employment opportunities and after-school activities, a livestock project, a Community Health Worker program, and a variety of youth-run businesses marketing healthy foods.
…and I’d probably have done more but I caught the bug that’s been going around and have been a snot-nosed wonder for the greater part of this past week…thank goodness for this elderberry syrup and a good husband who makes me tea without my having to ask 🙂


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