Week in Pictures

Our flowering currant, planted last year from the Native Plant sale and was at first quite weak, but is definitely stronger this year. SO in love that we bought 2 more this year for the whopping price of $6!
I love how fast peas grow! Planted snap and shell on President’s Day, both for snackin’ and for prepping the bed for the 2nd round…tomatoes!
Rhubarb just peeping out of the ground as well – love!
Spinach! Time to thin!
Our pride and joy? We bought a drip irrigation kit with a watering timer for the raised beds and are SO psyched! As we don’t have a cistern in the backyard, just two 50-gallon tanks that run out very quickly, we wanted to make sure we maximized the water we did use from the tap on our veggies, and found this (for under a hundred bucks) to be perfect. It was a DIY measuring, cutting and poking the holes to connect the different tubes just right (my brain got way tired calculating lengths but I’m definitely a fan of ‘measure twice, cut once’!), but so worth it with the cost savings compared to buying a pre-made kit or just randomly watering. Also since we overestimated how much we’d need, we have a TON of drip line left when/if we want to extend it out to other areas of the yard!  Of course it’s March so these aren’t in use yet, but come summer we’ll be cheering!
So this is where she likes to go on nice days in the garden. Over by the fence (currently sitting on tulips just coming out of the ground) and just giving us the stare. Eventually she’ll lay down and pass out, even funnier.
yeah, the stare.
Managed to get away for a short hike with the pup at Forest Park one morning after an appointment got cancelled – yay for quiet!
My girl is having a harder time lately. The Cushing’s is starting to tire her out a bit more, so she’s at more of a walk-with-occasional-trot rather than the other way around. As you can see she appears bony but it’s because the disease takes away muscle mass and so it all hangs on her belly. So we focus now on keeping her at a healthy weight, and feed her a grain-free, all fish & veggies diet (which has given us a dog-fart-free environment, wow…but she still burps…), with lots and lots of love all day long 🙂
Blooms on all the native plants are just beginning along the creek. So happy to live where I live!

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