A Little Smooshy…

While we’re not a big sappy traditional duo on Valentine’s Day, we did want to do something for each other but nothing costly (seriously, like we have a $20 maximum).

Because I hate waiting, on Saturday morning instead of Sunday, I gave him my little gift of a David Bowie retrospective zine and a bag of Kookaburra Liquorice, made in the NW by former Aussies (yep, they spell licorice like there’s alcohol in it down in Oz!), along with a little valentine of course.

And when he came home from work late Saturday night, he gave me these lovely tulips because he knows they are my favorite (and they won’t start blooming in our own yard for another month or so, I’m so impatient!), but best of all, after bringing me my lemon-ginger tea that I have every night, he told me while I was sitting on the couch to close my eyes. He came up behind me and all I could hear was the sound of a music box playing You Are My Sunshine. This is not only one of our favorite little ditties but also, as he knows, what my dad used to sing me when I was a very little girl when he put me to bed. So it made me all sappy. It’s one of those tiny crank-style boxes but so sweet and made me happy and a bit teary. Awww…

For the actual official day, when we were still waking up I grabbed my phone and turned on the song (embedded at the end of this post) that our friend Shirley sang for us at our wedding dinner, and just snuggled as we always do before the dog comes in and snorts so loud we have to get up and feed her 🙂  Then we got up and we made banana pancakes for breakfast, before walking outside to our backyard as we love to do this time of year and survey our garden, admiring the buds on the trees and urging the daffodils to hurry up and get blooming and talk about how we are going to set up our drip irrigation system. We take the dog on a short walk around the neighborhood, I make him a lunch from the local kielbasa and fingerlings we got at the prior morning’s farmer’s market (mixed with peppers I preserved from our garden last fall), and he heads off on his bike to work.

That’s our style and our love and I’m pretty damn grateful that this is my life.


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