Week in Pictures

During this wonderful excerpt of February where it’s gotten into the mid/upper 60’s, I took our sweet old girl to Tryon Creek Park for a little trot through the woods after trekking out to Lake Oswego (the burbs) to meet a friend for breakfast. Ahh…
Yayyy! After last year’s repurposing project of an old entertainment unit into a raised planter resulted in collapse, my husband built me a new one for my greens, made out of 100% scrap wood from our garage (old 2×4’s on the base and legs, old fenceposts on the side)! I love having lettuces and spinach waist high for easy picking, and it’s guaranteed to be slug free!
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This week, our contractor came by to do the last big project in making our home as energy efficient as possible by removing the icky thin layer of pink fiberglass insulation and replacing it with a big huge fluffy layer of eco-friendly natural fiber insulation, and replacing the two windows in our attic (and found an ancient tin dog bowl up there!). The work gets Energy Trust rebates for savings on the work – not to mention better keep heat out in summer and in during the winter. As Dan says, NOICE! 🙂
Woo hoo! February means I got to plant shell peas and snap peas. 🙂 Since they will harvest by the time the tomato starts are ready to go in, it’ll be great to get the soil all deliciously prepared for the next planting – plus I love shell peas. Only thing that drives me mad is you have to grow like a thousand plants to get enough peas for a year’s supply to freeze. Oy! By the way, after we added a bunch of new beds last year, after the end of the season we really got tired of the vast quantity of cinderblocks that seemed to dominate the yard, the shorter one-block height of them, and the lack of flower-space, so we decided to make four VERY large beds for tomatoes/peas, potatoes/calendula, onions/carrots, and peppers/basil. It was a beast of a lifting job but so worth it – when the flowers all start coming up in a month or two I’ll post again and you’ll see what I mean. BTW yes that is our dog relaxing against the fence on the mulch. She’s obsessed with that sunny spot 🙂
My seed starting station advanced to the next level!! I never liked this lighting setup’s short height, but the one folding table we have is 5″ too short, so I asked my husband to make me a longer tabletop to set on top. A few recycled pieces of fencing later, voila, a waist high seed starting station for my tomato seedlings to grow! BTW, this is down in our basement “rock ‘n’ roll room” as we call it, as it’s got our old posters from our younger years on the walls, heh).
Work in progress! This is not actually something I worked on this week but is something I want to get finished sooner rather than later. After our repiping project last summer that involved me tearing out a huge chunk of ceiling and wall in one area of the basement, I really wanted to personalize this weird little nook area outside of the guest bedroom (I believe it was the former owners’ play area for their kiddos), so am working on an under-the-sea motif, getting inspiration from pictures I’ve found online and freehand attempts to copy (notice my ridiculously tiny foot). The other side has fish but I want to do “the big reveal” of that later. It’s really going to be for our kid(s) and so there’s space to fit drawings of them as well when the time comes. Good rainy day project to mess around with a black sharpie and leftover paint, ya know?
Hmph. Well I love the show Grimm and that it’s filmed here in Portland, but I gotta say, they “transformed” our beautiful neighborhood park into a garbage-filled shitshow for 2 days and when we got a closer look, I gotta say, it’s nasty. Of course they’ll clean it up but to walk home from reading with the kiddos and to see litter strewn all over the grass and tents put up (the playground btw is still open to the public so these are regular kids playing amongst the trash, mind you). When you’re in a neighborhood that has worked so hard for the last 2 decades to become safer and cleaner, it’s kind of offensive. (besides the fact that we have plenty of homeless camps around they could have probably used while hiring resident extras straight from for these scenes, and done some good).
Today while Dan was at the doc’s down on the South Waterfront, I took advantage of the time to walk along a portion of the riverfront that’s not a mess o’ construction, and get some breathing time in. And boy did I need it. Along with the stresses of tomorrow’s results coming in, just blocks from OHSU our brand new car got rear-ended by a lady not paying any attention, cracking our bumper and scaring the shit out of both of us with our beloved Ruby in the backseat (and I’m utterly paranoid with this potential fetus inside me). So this walk down the water was a good thing. Ruby btw? Awesome.

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