New seasons Lombard store
Super proud of my husband, who’s been offered a management position opening the new University Park store here in North Portland that opens in March! It’ll be a GREAT addition to the neighborhood, and a really awesome opportunity for him to help lead a new team.

Well y’all it’s that hilarious time of year that one newscaster referred to as “FSA” – False Spring Alert! Basically for those who don’t live in the Northwest, we get around a week in February that’s unseasonably warm, causing people to preemptively do things like plant too early in the garden, pull out the BBQ (any excuse!), and where white folks are seen wearing shorts that expose pasty winter legs. It’s very entertaining but honestly, I love it. Here in Oregon we don’t take sunshine for granted!!

Anyhoo, here are some of the things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  • While I don’t have any control over the political and social tumult in Addis Ababa right now, I must say I am madly in love with the Healthy Whiz Kids Initiative,  sponsored by USAID, designed to help kids get educated about health-related topics and encourage them to talk to their parents about it. Through the Ethiopian cartoon Tsehai Loves Learning, preschool age kids get to see puppets and cartoons (speaking in Amharic) talking to them about all kinds of subjects. With AllAfrica reporting that over 350,000 kids die each year from preventable illnesses, this is a great endeavor to help reduce infant mortality rates.
  • Love this Zen Habits meditation, Let Everything Breathe. Great timing for me to read with all this DEIVF stuff that’s been taking over so much of our time. My husband and I have been trying to meditate for at least 5 minutes each day as a way to calm our anxious energy, and it’s so worthwhile.
  • Not that this is a news story, but my husband and I have decided for our 2nd wedding anniversary to spend 4 days in Central Oregon, his first time to this section of our beautiful state. We’ve got an Airbnb in Sisters which has a hiking trail right outside the back door, and plan to drive out to the John Day Fossil Beds and do some hiking in the area. Along with that, my friend Cindy told us about the Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site. Born here and yet never heard of this spot, it’s a perfectly preserved Chinese trading post from the mid 1800’s and a museum showcasing the long history of Chinese immigrants in Oregon. I can’t wait!
  • Know who Kathy Egland is? Well, get to know her if you don’t through this awesome interview with her about her history with the NAACP and focus on environmental justice.
  • My husband loves tarantulas. So much that his giving up his dead version (you know those ones in glass that people like to put on their mantles?) when he moved from Australia to the US was a big damn deal (awww, that’s true love…but y’all, you know damn well I was NOT about to let that thing in my house, dead or alive). And he loves the old old old country music (we even had a Jimmie Rodgers tune in our wedding video). So this Treehugger article was right up his alley. Um, enjoy.
  • Very happy to see my local utility, Pacific Power, planning to end all power from coal sources within 20 years, and assure a minimum of 40% of power come from alternative sources (NOT counting hydro power, which I think is great because hydro is NOT as sustainable as many like to think with what it does to fish and related populations).

Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn’t always have to be their top priority.
~William Arthur Ward

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