From the trail through Forest Park on my birthday hike. Just the gift I needed: time in the present.

Happy Friday…and some things to cheer about, get pissed about, get inspired by, and think long and hard about…

  • LOVE: Follow Your Conscience Without Losing Your Shirt, a great article on socially responsible, environmentally conscious investing. I love learning more and more about this as my husband and I take greater ownership over our financial future. Check it out y’all. Most 401(k) plans have an SRI option – and if it doesn’t? Tell HR this is important.
  • ADORE: Reporters Without Borders. Freedom of information protection. Donate today. Support those out there on the front lines who aren’t carrying guns.
  • KICKASS: Global Warming / EcoFeminism. ’nuff said.
  • PREACH: The Supposed Virtue of Not Being Offended. I’m just plain tired of hearing folks take pride in reclaiming derogatory terms that are still so tremendously offensive to so many, and then those people implying (or outright saying) to the offended that it’s okay. I’ve spoken about this before, but lately it’s reared up again and I know I’m not the only one who hates terms like “geek” being used with pride for those who happen to be passionate about a certain subject, especially those in STEM careers in an industry already turning off women and people of color in droves. “It seems like some people haven’t really learned that 1) everyone is entitled to their feelings, whether those feelings are “rational” and “logical” or not, and 2) your feelings don’t have to be everyone else’s feelings too. The other issue with this is the sense of superiority that such people often have. Being Not Offended becomes somehow morally better, or a sign of strength or “maturity” or “perspective.””
  • CHECK OUT THE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY ON THAT ONE! VW Hasn’t Fixed the Problem & May Not Be Able To. Yet people out there are still happily buying new ones from the company that lies, lies, lies. Kind of blows my mind.
  • CONUNDRUM: Sustainable grocer moves into ‘food desert’ or ‘up and coming’ (i.e., early-stage gentrification) neighborhood. That area then gets trendy and housing prices skyrocket, leading to increased gentrification and departures of the low income who can no longer live there. Is it the fault of Whole Foods and others? Or is Whole Foods attempting to help low income residents have access to healthy food that corner convenience stores don’t offer?

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”


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