Wellness Wisdom: Go For a Walk, Already!

2016 has started off beautifully when it comes to wellness! I’ve joined a gym to get my heart rate up, been more mindful about what I put into my mouth (while not giving up wine OR cheese!), and am hiking once a week with my husband (as well as dropped 5 lbs). With that, I realized today that these gym excursions had decreased the amount of long walks with my pup (beyond our neighborhood jaunts), so I put together a list of urban hikes for she and I to go on, to explore more beautiful areas of Portland that, pre-car, I’d have a hard time getting to with an 85 lb dog in tow!

So with this, I’ve allocated Mondays as Urban Hike with Ruby day! The pictures above I snapped across the river from us in Vancouver, along their Waterfront Renaissance Trail that follows the Columbia River through wooded areas, past waterfront condos, and allows several gorgeous views of Mt. Hood as well. Even on chilly, cloudy days like today, this trail has got a decent number of walkers, cyclists, and dogs accompanying both, so with a good pair of shoes (these Asics are my favorite for walking on pavement) and a supply of poop bags, Ruby and I rocked it for an hour today! It may be half the calories burned in my step class, but there is no comparison to the fresh air and a happy dog at my side! Rosy cheeks, sleeping dog in the car on the 10 minute drive home, and a feeling of zen because I got some quiet time away from my laptop? Priceless.

Beyond peace of mind, here’s some of the tremendous health benefits of walking that I thought I’d share with y’all as well:

(image source)

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