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Happy Friday!

  • A bit of a genealogy fan myself (as was my dad) and always hated how much was still inaccessible for so many, it was wonderful to see that 1.5M+ slavery era documents will be digitized which will increase the chances for African-Americans to learn about their lost ancestors.
  • Whether you are on Twitter or not, this compilation of the 50 Funniest Tweets by Women in 2015 is pretty rad.
  • LOVED in the recent snow and ice to have discovered this article on eco-friendly de-icing and while I didn’t buy one of their 3 recommended products, it inspired me to do some research to find one, and I bought EcoTraction, a similar product where 1 cup is the equivalent of NINE cups of salt – and doesn’t hurt burn the paws of pets nor trash the environment like salt does! (I’m fortunate to live in Portland where they are staunchly against using salt because of its harmful effects on the ecosystem, but every time we get inclement weather some jackass is like “who cares, we need to be safe”…not realizing how hypocritical that statement is).
  • I was talking to someone the other day about Gloria Steinem’s statement about how women get more radical with age and just thought I’d share the speech it came from with everyone as it not only speaks about the generations but also the intersection of racism and sexism. As she said, “we need to, while understanding that racism is there, we need to also challenge the stereotypes of each other because they keep us from seeing the individual truth.”
  • And finally, because it’s winter and cabin fever can easily set in during these chilly days, here’s a recipe that I’m planning on trying that substitutes mushrooms for beef. Believe it or not I was flipping through the channels during the recent ice and saw it being made on The Chew (Don’t judge, it’s a pretty good show! I heart Mario Batali!) – Portobello Wellingtons. Hella yum comfort food!!

“Worries go down better with soup.”
~Jewish Proverb


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