Our Infertility Timeline


Here’s our infertility timeline thus far for those who are interested in our story…I will be continually updating this and the post will stay as a link under the “Two Plus One” category header…

* January
– got off the pill
* December – officially started “trying” – ovulation predictor kits, working to get thyroid to normal levels.

* March –
Blood tests: FSH 18, thyroid still struggling. IUI/IVF not covered by insurance.
* April –
AMH:  .1 . Visited doctor referred by my NP who told me I probably couldn’t get pregnant with my own eggs yet recommended 4 rounds of Femara with IUI. (WTF?) Had an HSG (not painful at all) – fallopians look normal. Took RE’s advice and did first round of Femara in prep for IUI (worst bone aches of my life – never again). Yet for unknown reasons RE refused to schedule an ultrasound, didn’t respond to attempts to find out why, then was out of town & said I had to go to ORM for the procedure.
* May – IUI #1: Insemination report showed great motility, volume, count, viscosity, etc.  Unsuccessful. Changed RE to NW Fertility – WAY more humanity, empathy, with no sales pitch for drugs that’d do nothing for me.
* June – IUI #2: added gonadatropins/HCG/progesterone as “last try” (Bravelle), but ultrasound showed only one almost normal egg. IUI incredibly painful due to manual dilation, in pain for many weeks.  Unsuccessful.
* July – Selected Egg Donor from RE’s database (brown hair, hazel eyes, age 26, German/French/Irish/Native American descent, enjoys running, outdoors, cooking, “very Oregon”, and has donated 5X successfully with 2 kids of her own). Began Doxycycline.
* August – Started BCP. Yeast Infection (fluco, boric, supps, etc., nothing worked. Only sugar elimination did the trick). Started Lupron.
* September – Delestrogen IM shots.  Ultrasound: good. Weekly acupuncture + massage.
* October –  Donor Egg Retrieval + Sperm collection = Insemination. Started Progesterone & Delestrogen IM. 20 eggs retrieved, 20 fertilized!!! Embryo Transfer: 1 transferred, 12 frozen. Began Estradiol. Unsuccessful.
* November –
Still no period, no ovulation, missed December IVF #2 cycle.
* December – Started birth control pills. Still no period.

* January – Started Round 2 cycle – Delestrogen + PIO. Ultrasound: good lining.
* February Frozen Embryo Transfer. Daily PIO + Estradiol. New symptoms (hard/heavy abdomen, some TMI stuff). Unsuccessful. Started birth control to prep for #3.
* March – Started Round 3 Cycle – Delestrogen. Ultrasound normal – 7mm.
* April – Started daily PIO injections. Frozen Embryo Transfer. Daily PIO + Estradiol. Unsuccessful. NK & ANA tested plus thyroid re-check (Results: negative on NK & ANA, thyroid slightly off so upped Synthroid dosage). Decided to do 4th and final round, transferring two, with endometrial scratch and predisone. Started birth control.
* May – Stopped birth control, had endometrial scratch to encourage implantation.
* June – Started Round 4 Cycle – Delestrogen, Progesterone, 5 days of Prednilosone. Transferred 2 embryos on 6/23.

* July – POSITIVE!! HSG @ 8dp5dt=50; @ 12dp5dt= 271! Progesterone good! Ultrasound at 6w5d: embryo with heartbeat (couldn’t hear), 5.54mm (“a little small but within range”).

* August – No heartbeat, baby hasn’t grown since last ultrasound. Took misoprostol to induce Miscarriage at home. Devastated. 12 hours of hardcore contractions. 2 weeks of bleeding. Decided to do Round 5 in October and started back on BCP.

* September – Began Low-Dose Naltrexone (3 mg), Delestrogen/Estradiol, and changed thyroid medication to compounded T4/T3 (TSH @ 5.2). Daily Vitamin D, fish oil, methylated folate, and prenatal without folic acid (folate is better than folic). Tested thyroid after 3 weeks and upped T4/T3 (TSH @ 3.9). Ultrasound 1 week pre-transfer shows 8.5mm lining (best ever). Started Prednisone (10mg 2X/daily) and PIO shots.

* October – DEIVF transfer (2 frozen blasts). Prometrium suppositories post-transfer. Inquired what grade these were and he said B’s and said we still had A’s left and “couldn’t remember why” he used these ones. Embryologist said she “just gives him the ones he chooses”. Furious, to put it mildly, that he didn’t use the best ones. Unsuccessful. Scheduled consult with new clinic for 11/9. Retested thyroid, TSH down to 2.1, antibodies  slightly reduced, still very high. Staying on LDN, adjusted compounded T4/T3 dose.

* November – Second opinion w/ different clinic who recommended ERA, karyotyping. 2nd one is completely irrelevant. New RE a real bastard, suggesting multiple irrelevant & unnecessary tests, treating us like a number, shouting at me then overcharged for visit while fraudulently trying to charge $100 for a call he made to me! Asked regular RE about ERA, he agreed to it and signed up with Igenomix. Retested thyroid, TSH increased to 2.5, antibodies up, changed T4/T3 again. Prescribed Provera for 10 days to stimulate period.

* December – Began Delestrogen 12/12. Scheduled ERA. Saw ND on 12/23 due to feeling swelling/choking in neck, blood tests shows thyroid TSH tripled to 7.5 in 3 weeks, with TAb up to 323 (2 weeks of this on estrogen). Changed to 175 mcg Synthroid + 5 mg Cytomel. Ultrasound just under 9mm (best ever), began PIO.


* January – ERA 1/3 = pre-receptive. Started 2nd mock cycle for biopsy #2.

* February – 2nd ERA February 9th to confirm receptivity @ P+6. Unsuccessful biopsy as my cervix would not open enough to allow the catheter in. Excruciating. Talked to Igenomix who said it’s 90% probability that P+6 indeed is my implantation window. Decided to move forward to final transfer at P+6 in April. Started back on birth control to prep for final cycle.

* March – Began Delestrogen 3/20 for 6th and final round of DEIVF.


  • April – Begin PIO for 6th & final round of DEIVF – per ERA will do 6 days of PIO instead of 5 days. Transfer 4/14, test 4/22.








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