Workin’ 9 to 5 (…and giving back in 2016)


Each year as a solopreneur, I’ve been committed in my work in the community to not only volunteering hands-on and attending fundraising events, but also donating a percentage of my company’s gross profits to a worthy nonprofit. In 2015, I got seriously local, donating 100% to Portland-area organizations serving the community, a number of whom I’ve supported in the past.

As we kick off 2016, I want to learn more about who’s out there, and therefore I’m branching out a bit in my philanthropy and related involvement. With our upcoming adoption, and if we’re lucky, successful IVF in February, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to commit in the next school year to being a SMART volunteer, so now I plan to learn about a bunch of new groups and see how I can also get involved as a volunteer, as a contributor, and more.

Because my profits have varied greatly from month-to month, I’ve realized that my donations don’t get equally dispersed to the nonprofits I’ve elected to support. So as we begin the year, I’ve decided to donate at the end of each quarter, using a monthly average. (TMI for some, but I’m always curious in learning how others determine their charitable donations, so feel free to jump in and share your own experience!). And with our international family, I’m making Q4 all about global reach.

1st Quarter:

2nd Quarter:

3rd Quarter:

4th Quarter:


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