itty bitty bitta snow on sunday made the hubby quite happy to see even though he was at work when it happened 🙂

Here we are, 2016!!!!! Happy New Year to everyone!

  • Seeing the garlic coming up last week made us start thinking again of the coming gardening year, and we’re contemplating growing a few new things. These tips on growing two of them successfully, cilantro and parsnips, have been great!
  • As a big fan of Yes! Magazine, their article  How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness just made my day. When my hubby and I were car shopping, we went through a neighborhood in Beaverton (suburbia) that, while there were a good number of trees, they had zero sidewalks, making it incredibly dangerous to leave your house on foot, and, if you did make it to the commercial area, there were no locally run places to eat or shop – everything was stripmall-esque and, well, dirty feeling. Ugh! I am grateful to be in a pedestrian friendly area where we can walk or bike safely to most places we need, with our car as an added bonus rather than a necessity for basic living. Yet I found it kind of interesting, where on our own street they have knocked down old houses and replaced them with godawful 3 story “tall skinnies” (see that beast jammed up against the property line to the left of our house in the photo…?) with steep entry stairways where you enter on the 2nd floor  that completely eliminate the front yard and discourage interaction between neighbors (except of course when they’re looking from their 2nd & 3rd floor windows into your backyard now, sigh…). Like losing sidewalks, this type of design, as Yes! states, “thwarts the connections between people that encourage us to congregate, cooperate, and work for the common good.”
  • Every once in a while when I decide to stay up a bit late, long after the hubby is snoring in the other room, I flip on Colbert as he usually attracts the more interesting, intellectual guests compared to the other two late night white guys (really, can we finally get a woman in the mix? how about a person of color as well? sigh…). And I gotta say, I was moved to tears by Mandy Patinkin’s direct plea to the audience and viewers to resist Islamophobic fearmongering. I’m sickened by what’s going on with Trump and the other Republicans pushing hate and fear and the November elections are so very vital to get everyone out there voting against the sexism, racism, homophobia and more that the party now represents. (remember back in the day when the parties differed mainly on philosophies about the responsibility of states vs federal government? sigh…)
  • Read here about the most endangered tribe on Earth and the awful choices they’ve had to make. It’s heartbreaking.
  • I love it! Proof in the pudding that getting rid of coal does NOT mean economic tragedy. This West Virginia Family Left Coal for Local Food, and is helping others follow their lead. Now that’s inspiration for the new year!
  • “At times we can’t seem to pinpoint the beginning of our illnesses or unresolved emotions because we weren’t paying attention along the way or even suppressing them to seemingly move forward in life.” Here are 4 Ways to Listen When Your Body Speaks.

Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.”
~Michael Josephson


2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. When I decided I would stop all magazine subscriptions the Yes! subscription was the hardest to let go of and I still miss it. My town is similar to the suburb you talk about. It’s old, tired and dirty looking. Sidewalks are few and where they were most are a broken dangerous mess that makes walking in the street seem safer.

    I live along the border between PA and WV and can tell you West Virginia is one of the poorest states I’ve visited. The number of people who lack decent housing, employment with living wage is high and education fails more every year. The number of people addicted to drugs is astounding as well. I so hope there are more people like Linda who will help to turn the state around.


    1. Ah but you can get on the Yes mailing list or follow them on Twitter and literally everything in the magazine is published online for free 🙂 But I know, I like flipping through pages so when I go to the grocery store I gaze at the Yes! magazine lovingly hahaha… We were watching a special on TV the other night about the ridiculously minimal number of resources for pregnant mothers who are trying to get treatment and it’s just embarrassing. It’s not better here in Oregon to be honest when it comes to treatment, but the culture out here is one where many people are able to, as I call it, “piece together a career” – contracting, doing creative things, working part-time, etc. It seems that WV and the region would be, like Detroit, ripe for innovation because of that, if some good companies would come in and really invest in the people, or at least have more people come around and show folks how to live economically while getting healthier. As a recruiter, I think of the number of software engineers, for example, who are self-taught, and so many work remotely and make a ton of money. I’d love to see that intersection of technology and environment make it’s way out there. Gotta be a way. Hell, Oregon used to just be logging and strip clubs back in the day, so anything’s possible! 🙂


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