The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 31


Why Do I Blog?

I started my blog on November 2, 2008, over seven years ago. It was eight days before the death of my father and two days before the history-making election of President Obama. My father was already comatose from his hemhorragic stroke suffered on October 16, 2008, and I was preparing to rent a car to drive down to St Charles Medical Center in Bend to be with him when they took him off life support and upped the morphine to keep him comfortable until he passed on. At the environmental consultancy I worked at, one of the writers who knew of my situation (strangely, four people at our small company lost a parent that month) and who’d recently lost her own mother, asked if I’d ever considered blogging since I liked to journal in my notebook.

So I tried it, and I was hooked. Initially using the moniker EcoGrrl and maintaining complete anonymity, I wrote about everything personal and everything green in my mind and life and what I wanted in the world. Then as what happens in a community is that some use your name in their comments on your blog or people you know and trust see it then show it to others and suddenly you realize it’s not all that anonymous. So a few years into it I edited out certain personal posts – or as I call it, the diary-type entries I would not want to have read aloud on the evening news – and at the same time, moved over from Blogger to the more user-friendly WordPress.  I created focus areas on my blog with the first one being the Eco-licious posts about sustainable finds, eventually growing to other areas such as equity and diversity in the world so that social justice would always be intertwined with sustainability (as it should be). I started a weekly career post, 9 to 5, to get some advice off my chest to help my career coaching and recruiting clients and anyone else who was interested. I’ve written about health and wellness, family and friends, religion and politics and the military, and whatever else strikes me. Lately of course it’s been my Two Plus One series as I share what it’s been like as recently discovered infertile woman. It doesn’t define me, but it has shaped me, and I am so grateful for the other bloggers out there who are also sharing what many in the world will call out as something to be ashamed of and keep hidden.

It feels good to blog, to share, to hear from the community. Early on I had a lot more people commenting, and while WordPress shows I’ve got 600-700 followers in all, the “like” button sadly is pressed more than the comments, which I miss. I love the interactions of the blogging community and, for the most part, the lack of snark and show-offiness that is a trademark of Facebook and Twitter. For me, this is where I can write my heart out and feel safe.

That’s why I blog.


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