The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30


What’s In My Makeup Bag?

First, I hate this question as it’s focused on women. Second, I don’t wear makeup. There is no eyeshadow, mascara, blush, foundation, powder, eyeliner, concealer, or makeup remover in my home. About once a month I remember that I have a very, very old tube of MAC Paramount in my bag and, if I’m super motivated, I might put some on, but it’s never been a necessity.

The dickhead known as Calvin Klein said once “it takes makeup to look natural”. What a creep.

Who cares if your skintone is “uneven”? That’s someone else’s determination and why is skin considered “flawed” if it doesn’t look photoshopped?

I’ve hated the whole “oh I can’t go in public without my ‘face’ on” thing that way, way too many women say, or how some will retort “well you’re lucky you don’t HAVE to wear makeup.” Bullshit. No one HAS to wear makeup. My skin has never been touched by foundation and therefore it has no chemicals to react to – and if I do have a stress breakout, so be it. I’m human and should not be told my makeup manufacturers that they’ll make me look like “me, only better!” with their product. Cosmetics are not approved by the FDA and just a look on the EWG site at most ingredients, including the forty dollar Chanel lipsticks and five hundred dollar La Mer skin cream, will show a lot of bad, bad stuff leeching into your skin.

Yet this is not dissing wearing makeup – it is a form of self-adornment and can be incredibly creative and lovely! I had a multi-color pastel eyeshadow in seventh grade and wore black eyeliner and Russian Red lipstick in high school…and it was fun. But I never was teased for not wearing makeup, and I never felt the need (even with a mother who wore foundation regularly) to pancake my skin with Cover Girl because, fortunately, no one ever had the nerve to tell me that it was essential for me. I did have someone try to give me the “no no, makeup is GOOD for your skin” and I laughed out loud. Many woman who are slaves to their foundation end up having worse skin because of all the chemicals to “even” out their “imperfections”.

But I, like every woman, have been deluged by marketing all my life. A couple of years ago, I went through an issue of Redbook and wrote a blog post on their ads that shame women. Most of these are cosmetics ads telling us that aging is bad and ugly, that makeup is the way to attract the opposite sex, and the most passive aggressive one by Bobbi Brown (who said that it’s what makes a woman “feel better about herself because she’s prettier and more confident!”) and other cosmetics company pimps telling young girls that makeup is about self confidence – the “you, only better!” crap that conversely says that you without makeup is then “worse”. I wrote about that “enhance your beauty” BS here.

Here’s the deal. Makeup makes you look DIFFERENT – not better or worse. If you think IT is what makes you look acceptable? Take a close look at your self esteem because if you rely on a product that masks your face to make you feel good about yourself, you’ve got a problem. And much of it is not your fault – it’s the manufacturers of these products that magazines and TV and internet profit from who tell you simply YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH WITHOUT OUR PRODUCT. We hear it from people we look up to – both in our families and social circles as well as celebrities and other influential figures. They hit you on the inside where insecurities lie and then when the more passive aggressive “you, only better!” campaigns come out, we end up thinking that makeup is the answer.

“I never wear makeup when I’m not at work. It can make you forget what you look like, and I’ve grown to really love the way I look without it.”
~ actress Leighton Meester
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