The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29


Where I’ve Traveled

I have been very fortunate and I’ve also worked very hard to travel over my lifetime…yet it’s still feeling like a drop in the bucket in this big big world.

  • Just about every corner of Oregon, thanks to both sets of parents who loved road trips. (my husband has now seen a large percentage of the Oregon Coast and up and down the Willamette Valley since he immigrated here 1.5 years ago, so in 2016 we’re crossing the Cascades so he can see the high desert! So much more after that to go, including Strawberry, Malheur and Harney Lakes in the quiet Southeast corner and of course beautiful Southern Oregon and the Wallowas in the Northeast bit).
  • 42 of our United States (still to visit? Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Minnesota, North & South Dakotas, Wisconsin, Alaska. When I was growing up, we did two major “Griswold-style” road trips and went a new route each time, probably the highlight of my childhood.)
  • 6 Canadian provinces (still to visit? Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and the territories. The province visits were part of the aforementioned road trips growing up.)
  • France (Paris twice, Normandy once – so much more to see though!)
  • Scotland (took the train from London all the way up to Grantown)
  • England (Kent – gorgeous countryside!)
  • Mexico (Barra de Potosi, south of Zihuatanejo, and Puerto Nuevo)
  • Jamaica (Montego Bay – meh!)
  • and of course, Australia (Victoria – Melbourne, Great Ocean Road to Port Campbell, Daylesford/Great Dividing Range)

Next up, Ethiopia!

There are so so so SO many places left to see. The next European destination is Italy, my dream for many years, but there’s also Eastern Europe and Spain and so many places in Africa, Asia and South America…not to mention my hubby’s never been to Canada, I’ve never been to New Orleans, etc. etc. etc.!!!

This is why we have our Alaska Airlines frequent flyer mileage plan and associated mileage card. My trips to Australia gave us the miles to go to Paris this past fall, and we now almost exclusively put our purchases and bills (minus the mortgage as they won’t take visa, doggonit! :-)) and then pay it off each month so we can get miles. With the adoption and IVF costs this year being quite a choke on our budget, at the end of it all we can at least get a few international plane tickets out of it !

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. ~Benjamin Disraeli

My 25 year old self solo in Versailles, France, 1999

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