The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 28


What I Look Forward To

Wow, an open ended one that’s kind of blowing my mind to think about. I look forward to the new year and all the symbolism of a fresh start.

I look forward to another try at DEIVF, with our transfer tentatively scheduled February 2nd, hoping this frozen embryo is the winner.

I look forward to hopefully getting our referral this year for our little girl in Ethiopia.We are giddy with anticipation.

I look forward to finding the strength within to get my body a little closer to feeling and looking the way I want it to. This past year I struggled a lot with anxiety and depression due to the infertility challenges we’ve had, and my body paid for it.

I look forward to turning 42 years old in a month. (“Not “42 years young” as I’m not embarrassed by my age and don’t consider “old” to be an insult nor “young” to be a compliment)

I look forward to celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary with my husband this spring, this time in the desert. In February it will mark 5 years since we first found each other in blogland!

I look forward to becoming more of who I am, learning and growing and evolving and giving back.

I look forward to living more mindfully in the present, while respecting the unchangeability of the past and the incredible wide-open opportunity that the future holds.

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