The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26


An Old Photo of Me

Hmm, this one was hard – how old should I portray? So to be fun I did a little collage of me from about age 3 to 30. Since I started my blog at 34, I’d say that was as late as I should go, so here is a fair set of oldies for y’all. Can you guess the decade in each?

Clockwise from top left: Age 2 or 3 (?) with my daddy while he was still married to my mother; age 5 in my grandma’s backyard (still terribly weird to see someone else lives in it now); My 30th birthday in Santa Barbara; Age 25 (?) in Seattle with my friend Tameka (we lost touch not long after that when our lives went in two very different directions, and I still can’t find her and miss her so much!); age 19 (I was wearing DKNY, that’s my only explanation for all the white); Obviously, age 11 with a Sears sweatshirt I thought was so fly, tight black Guess zipper jeans and oh yeah, the matching neon socks); age 14 at summer camp, back in ’88 when you were allowed to tuck your t-shirt into your cotton lycra bike shorts and call that an outfit (hmm); and finally, age 23 when I met my cousin Kristi for the first time. My aunt gave her up for adoption as she got pregnant very young, and in 1997 she found our family and for me it was amazing to see, for the first time in my life (having only half-brothers and half-sisters, and no female cousins close to my age) seeing someone who looked like me was insanely awesome. She lives in another city and we’ve lost touch over the years, but I still think of her often.

2 thoughts on “The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

    1. hahaha – actually those were DKNY denim hotpants (remember that resurgence?) I paid for in my fashionista days – and the crochet top was matching – that I wasn’t brave enough to wear without the white bike shorts (because you know, white bike shorts were so…rrrawr!!!).

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