The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21


My 10 Favorite Foods

In no particular order…

  1. Sushi. Good quality fish. Spicy scallop hand rolls. Albacore sashimi. Unagi for dessert. No uni, no ika, no tako.
  2. Prosciutto. One of those ingredients that in almost anything will force me to order it. I have no choice in the matter.
  3. Carbonara. Bacon and eggs on pasta. Simple perfection.
  4. Sweet potatoes. Favorite starchy veg ever. Sliced thinly, diced, mashed, pureed, grated, cooked, steamed, fried, by itself, in pie, in muffins, with chicken, with eggs, in veggie patties. Any way.
  5. Croissants. Good ones – not those bulk Costco things, but ones made by a French bakery. Warm. With a cappuccino alongside.
  6. Caprese. Cherry tomatoes and basil straight from the garden, fresh buffalo mozzarella, good olive oil, and luscious balsamic vinegar. I can eat giant bowls’ worth in late summer.
  7. Homemade Mac & Cheese. I am not embarrassed to say, my homemade 5 cheese version with a stick of butter, pint of cream and crushed melba toast on top to create a killer crust.
  8. Chicken Kati Rolls. From Bollywood Theater. I don’t know how to order anything else 🙂
  9. Apple Pie. I make a homemade version that competes any day with the ones I ate at home as a kid. The secret? Granny Smith apples and minimal sugar. None of that compote crap.
  10. Lobster. A perfectly prepared Australian lobster tail dipped in butter makes me close my eyes and see heaven.

“The belly rules the mind.”
~Spanish Proverb

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