Ruby the Eco-Dog believes in carpooling 🙂

Well for many the holidays are in full swing. Being pretty minimalist, we’re pretty chill over at our place. The husband and I decided along with going to see Star Wars, that we’d get each other one nice eco-friendly gift. While I know what I got him will make him giddy, when it comes to gift giving, after one special occasion gift I received was less than “me” (let’s just say reminded me of this scene from Say Anything -but don’t worry he made up for it!), I shared my Pinterest page with him to inspire him in the right direction. Considering my birthday is in a month, it’s a two-birds-with-one-stone type of hint.

Anyhow, here are some inspirations on a grander scale that I thought I’d share with y’all…

  • Now THIS is a celebrity truly using their name and funds for good. Akon’s Solar Power Initiative, Akon Lighting Africa, is a tremendous project. According to Vibe, this project “has already provided over 600 million people with electricity in homes across Africa.” And now he’s headed to Central America. WOW.
  • I am so proud to be a Democrat as we prepare for 2016. With a phenomenal woman in Hillary Clinton, who has always fought for women and children over her long career (side note: I don’t give a shit what people say about “trust” with her – there’s an insane double standard out here when it comes to this word where men can get away with just about anything, yet if a woman isn’t perfect on all accounts, she’s cast as evil. It’s total crap. We need to take a hard look at ourselves before we put a harsher light on her than the male competition) leading the polls, and a pretty good guy coming in second, it’s a nice choice to have two strong contenders who have done so much for the women of our country. And with the no-BS attitude of Angela Merkel and her Person of the Year recognition? It’s about damn time. Check out Teministezine’s Top 20 Influential Women in the World Today and get inspired.
  • Did you know when your clothes fall apart, you can STILL donate them? If those pants aren’t something you want to cut up for rags, Earth911 reminds us that they will be accepted by many charities, including  Goodwill whose representatives said they “take textiles in any condition.”
  • Our goal for 2016: start beekeeping! How do we want to do it? The Flow Hive. Designed by a multi-generation family of beekeepers in Australia, I shit you not all you do is twist the tap and the honey comes out. They provide everything except for the bees. It’s a killer invention and their recent Indiegogo campaign brought in millions above their 5-figure fundraising goal. It’s pretty spendy especially with shipping costs, and doesn’t ship until spring, but we’ve definitely got our eye on this for our next step in self sufficiency.
  • And finally, I was super excited and proud to contribute to the successful funding of the Vanport Mosaic Project, which brings attention to my hometown of Portland’s history of not only the Vanport Floods which wiped out a community, but also how we have evolved (and how far we still have left to go) as a city. Great post on why it’s so important on Medium as well.

“The next evolutionary step for humankind is to move from human to kind.”
~Author Unknown


6 thoughts on “Eco-licious

      1. Ouch, I didn’t know it cost that much. It would still be a good investment for me as I am terrified to work around the regular beehives because I am allergic to bees.


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