Week in Pictures

Ever since being invited to sell my truffles back in 2010 during the height of my chocolatier days, I’ve been a fan of the local & handmade artisan extravaganza better known as Crafty Wonderland. This year, a girlfriend and I checked it out, where she picked up stocking stuffers for her kids and I got to see up close the gorgeous VK Designs jewelry (recycled materials, industrial yet elegant designs, and totally my style!), and discovered the awesome organic t-shirts by Lonely Dinosaur that my husband would dig.
As per my last post about our car, I researched a number of environmental organizations offering carbon offsets to address the carbon footprint based on our anticipated mileage, and selected Bonneville Environmental Foundation as, through their products, they’ve collectively kept a combined total of 9.5M+ metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere, generated 6M+ Mwh of clean energy, launched 250+ renewable energy education projects and much more.
We also visited with Jennifer DeThomas, a financial advisor, for the first time to get our goals coordinated with our income. Being a solopreneur with unpredictable income, it’s especially important to learn better ways to save for retirement, get our house paid off sooner (we refinanced to a 15 year loan last year but I want that debt gone sooner!), and more. Like getting a physical at the doctor, it’s nice to have a pro like her looking after us. (BTW did you know only 10% of advisors are female? Argh!). We liked her common sense approach, that she doesn’t take a percentage off our investments, and honestly that hard-to-quantify thing, “fit”. Plus she’s a mom who had kids later in life AND on the board of Growing Gardens – how fitting is that? (image source)
Today my last charitable contribution (I contribute a percentage of my monthly income to different nonprofits) went to Project POOCH, a nationally-recognized non-profit dog adoption program where incarcerated youths train shelter dogs and find them homes. I also did it through the annual GiveGuide, which allows folks to learn about and donate to a TON of local charities, earn incentives, and find out about volunteers who have made a difference. LOVE!
And finally, today I go in for my last massage of 2015 with the wonderful Julie Campbell who owns Written on the Body. She’s so amazing and kind and I can’t imagine anyone else giving me a massage after these years I’ve been coming to her. 90 minutes of mental and physical relaxation? Heck yeah!! (For all you Portlanders, she’s selling holiday gift certificates at buy 1, get the 2nd half off – SO worth it!)

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