The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15


An Average Day

Ha! Average. What a concept. Well my husband works retail hours which fluctuate and being a solopreneur, my work is wholly dependent on my clients and my candidates and their needs on that particular day.

When my husband works late shifts, I try to make sure most of my calls and work are done primarily in the afternoon and early evening so we can have our mornings together, and vice versa of course for his early shifts. Fortunately, he gets two days off together nearly every week, so we have a bit of consistency in that regard.

Late shifts mean we get to make breakfast and walk the dog together. Early shifts means he puts all his clothes out in the living room so that he can get up and not make a racket while I’m still in sleepyland, and kisses me goodbye as I try to mumble coherently 🙂 But with that we get to make dinner together. On his “Friday” we almost always walk over to the pub for dinner.

Being a solopreneur, I can dictate a lot of what my schedule looks like which is really wonderful. It also means I can cater much more to the needs of my candidates, who in interview situations appreciate being able to talk to me in the early evenings when corporate recruiters rarely are. It also means I can manage my stress better – working straight through for a few hours, then going outside for a bit with the dog, running errands, or, in the summer, doing some yardwork, or even grabbing lunch with a friend. It’s a beautiful thing working from home, and while some think it sounds terribly lonely, I love my solitude as my actual work is very very social!! And when I need humans around me? Cafe right across the street where I’ll bring my book or journal and chill out.

On Dan’s “Saturday” we almost always make pancakes. Kind of an unwritten law. 🙂 Other than that, our only real rule is that we try to cram all the “errands” onto one day so that the other day off is for, as he terms it, “blobbing”. Basically we can lay around and do nothing if we want on one day. Of course, as his days off are during the standard workweek, I do have to take time away from all of that to do actual work, but fortunately I have the flexibility to time a lot of this away from those days. Email takes up the majority of my time, communicating with clients and candidates, but it’s not something that causes me angst. I have six email accounts running right now to cover client, internal business and personal needs, but it actually is not a nightmare – it keeps me super organized!

So this was an odd post to write, telling y’all about how my average day looks. But hey, my life is anything but average, and that’s a very, very good thing in the end.


“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” 
~ Farrah Gray



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