The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13


My Earliest Memory

Oy. I have three, and being that they are “earliest” means I can’t tell you exactly when they were, just that it was frickin’ early in my life.

The first one is standing on our brown vinyl couch looking out our big bay window into the front yard. It was a hot summer’s day as my dad was replacing the roof with his friend Cliff. My dad left on Christmas Day 1978 when I was 4 so I am guessing this was the year before.

The second one is of my mother and father arguing. Lots and lots of yelling. I remember coming down our long narrow hallway and seeing them yelling at each other. The back of the sofa was to the hallway so it was their noise rather than their faces that scared me to tears.

The final one was mainly about a color. I thought my memory was crazy in recalling my parents room as “all red” – red velvety bedspread, red walls, etc. I was thinking maybe I got it confused with something from The Shining, ya know? I mean who has an all-red room, right? But then when my dad died in ’08, I found this picture of he and I in a photo album in his room, and my mind was officially blown:


Well, it was the 1970’s.

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