The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12


What’s in My Fridge?

  • Beverages: unsweetened Silk “light” almond milk, organic apple cider, organic eggnog.
  • Fruits & Veg: chopped onions, portabello mushrooms, organic spinach, home-canned peaches
  • Condiments: homemade salsa, relish, jam, jelly, pesto, pickles, hot sauce; bbq sauce, ketchup, mustard, vinegars, GF tamari soy sauce.
  • Meats: cubed ham from New Seasons ready to go for a ham & cheese mac on the menu for tonight, turkey salad for sandwiches.
  • Dairy: Greek yogurt (Dan’s fave), cottage cheese (my fave), Tillamook unsalted butter, French feta.
  • Misc: Dave’s Killer Bread (Good Seed), homemade turkey & chicken stocks, tortillas, local organic eggs.

Your comments on my blog are appreciated. (Please no solicitors as those comments will be deleted).

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