The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11 (Favorite Things)


15 of My Fave Things!

In no particular order…except the first one of course 🙂

  1. Waking up each morning with my wonderful husband
  2. Dancing – wherever, whenever the mood strikes
  3. Phenomenal sushi
  4. Killer, ass-kicking black boots
  5. Working in the garden
  6. Emptying my mind onto paper (or laptop)
  7. Conversations with friends where you lose track of time
  8. Hiking through the forest in any season
  9. Quiet early mornings on the Oregon Coast
  10. A warm croissant with a well-made cappuccino
  11. Falling asleep in a hammock at Casa Frida, near Zihuatanejo
  12. My sweet girl Ruby
  13. Riding my bike on a warm summer evening
  14. Picking blueberries on Sauvie Island
  15. Black and white photography
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