The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7 (Pet Peeves)


Some of my biggest pet peeves:

By the way I’m going to only refer to less overarching principles, not obvious dislikes, like hate, ignorance, cruelty, Republicans, etc., so here are 13 of ’em:

  • When waitstaff clear my plate from the table while my husband is still eating, or vice versa. It’s so rude!
  • People not watching where they are walking because they are on their cell phones.
  • Cyclists riding their bikes hands free. I can’t explain it, it just looks like they think they’re too cool for school.
  • People who will pay $5 for a shitty Starbucks latte every day, then complain about the price of organic produce.
  • Handlebar mustaches anywhere outside of a wild west show, in particular on the face of a barista. Ew.
  • Store owners who act like it’s the customer demand and not rabid marketing that’s caused them to open their doors on Thanksgiving.
  • Employees who smoke right outside the doors of the business they work so we have to walk through it.
  • Cyclists without the decency to ring their bell or say “on your left/right” when passing.
  • The local news, when their top story is not REAL news – i.e., an old lady lost her wedding ring, a guy found a bunch of pictures and wants to find the owner, a kid raised money for his school, a veteran who had lunch with two other veterans, a new Facebook feature, etc. – and yet they fail to talk about most major world events. They have six newscasts a day and there’s only one 30 minute national news program a day. WTF?
  • Stilettos. I still think most women wearing them look like they’re trying to look like prostitutes. (Remember, before SJP in Sex and the City, no one dared wear them for that exact reason. There are plenty of sexy heels that don’t look like the equivalent of footbinding.)
  • Folks who get in the self-checkout lines at grocery stores who have a) huge carts that should be going through the regular line, and/or b) operate at a snail’s pace. I vote for shoppers to have a special license to show you know how to ring up your own stuff fast. 🙂
  • Hypocrite celebrities like George Clooney who claim to support sustainability then whore their asses for the worst companies like Nestle.
  • People who claim they are for workplace equality and business ethics, then support companies like Uber, known for their horrendous sexism and sidestepping of regulations.

2 thoughts on “The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7 (Pet Peeves)

  1. It’s a feminist and recruiter, I would be interested to hear what you think is the best way for a woman to explain leaving her very good job, when the reason for leaving was discrimination or retaliation for reporting it. I have never seen this addressed, except to say “don’t mention it”. This is frustrating and makes this an invisible problem.. thanks

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    1. I’ve been there actually, fired from a job shortly after filing a whistleblower complaint, and it took me a while to figure out a response. Primarily I just told folks that it was a really bad fit (which it was) and what I learned from the experience. It’s a bitch of a place to be in, as I’ve been on both sides of the table and know too many managers who will react in a “oh she’s THAT type of employee” rather than trying to get to know the whole situation. My best advice from my personal and professional experience is to be honest but brief (never discuss any legalities, if applicable), frame it in a way that shows you were a strong performer and have references there who will back you up, AND don’t spend too much time talking about it. Explain it in the context of your career as a whole so they don’t fall for the recency effect (judging you based only on your last job). Feel free to connect with me over on LinkedIn and we can chat more about your particular situation offline 🙂


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