The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Two (20 Facts)


20 Facts About Me

  1. I was a dancer in my younger years (jazz) and still hold that incredibly dear to me. Once a dancer, always a dancer.
  2. I have had two tattoos for 20+ years – one of Betty Boop on my shoulder blade and the other a small heart on my belly. And yes, always think about another – but they are so de rigeur these days it’s not all that interesting to me, at least not enough to spend the $ on.
  3. My family tree is something crazy to say the least, as my mother has been married to three men and had four children, my stepdad was previously married and had seven children, and after my parents divorced my dad remarried and had three children.
  4. All that above stated, the only sibling I have an ongoing relationship to is my older brother. We both do our own thing and live in different states but I think he’s hella cool and he’s got my respect.
  5. I have no living grandparents and it sucks. I miss my Gram and Gramps the most from my dad’s side – losing them in 2008 and 2011 was very very hard.
  6. I held my father’s hand as he took his final breaths and beyond my stepmother was the only person in the room for this moment. I’ve been told that people in one way or another “choose” who they want in the room when they pass away, and this made me feel especially close to him.
  7. I skipped the 5th grade and if I had it to do over, I wouldn’t have done it and don’t recommend it for anyone. It was incredibly traumatic.
  8. I had braces 3 times from age 8 to 16  – first on the top, then on both sides, then just in the back on the top and bottom. Needless to say, my teeth are straight and I hate orthodontists.
  9. My eyesight is so bad that without glasses or contacts, I have to hold my phone up literally inches from my eyes to see what time it is in the morning.
  10. Since my first marriage in 2000, I’ve gained over 50 pounds. Having never had any significant weight issues, this has been incredibly tough on my self-image. I lost half of it in 2008, then my dad died and it all came back. I’m tackling it all again, mixed with a healthy dose of self-acceptance after growing up with a mother who judged everyone negatively who wasn’t “slim”.
  11. While I smoked a bit in high school and was a “cocktail smoker” in college, and experimented here and there with “light” drugs (pot, ecstasy, etc.), it never attracted me all that much, as I am not a fan of tremendous alteration of the mind. I like to be in control 🙂
  12. In college my original intent was to become a high school English teacher, a la Robin Williams’ character in Dead Poets Society. Oh captain, my captain, and all that awesome stuff. Then of course I realized I’d have to actually spend all day with high school students, and that dream fizzled.
  13. I have only two piercings in each ear but at one time had five on one side and three the other, most done with a needle and an ice cube. In the mid 1990’s I also had my belly button pierced but it got infected so frequently that in the early 2000’s it finally said goodbye.
  14. I have a very large port wine stain birthmark on my lower back just above my bum.
  15. I was a breech baby AND weighed in over 9 lbs. Needless to say my mother got her tubes tied afterwards.
  16. I am agnostic in my spiritual beliefs. Baptized Catholic, went to Lutheran and Methodist churches as a child, and realized “God” was basically as realistic as Santa Claus by the time I was 10 or 11. Going to a church camp only because I had the chance to ride horses really sealed that in. I don’t subscribe to athiesm as a whole because I don’t think anyone knows a damn thing since we’re alive, but I think that religion is the root of a lot of the negativity, judgment, and violence in this world and when I hear “I’ll pray for you” or “Pray for Paris”, etc., it infuriates me.
  17. My musical tastes are VERY diverse. Madonna is and always will be my favorite performer, but I have a special place in my heart for my new wave past having grown up in the late 1980’s (INXS, The Cure, Depeche, Love & Rockets, Erasure, etc.). That being said I love r&b, hip hop, soul, reggae, and jazz. In college I had season tickets to the opera. I don’t go to the symphony anymore because I’ve fallen asleep within the first 15 minutes every time.
  18. My first concert was The Jets (you know, “Crush on You”). My second was Depeche Mode the following year (whew!). My most recent concert was Madonna (yay!). The only bands I’ve seen multiple times are INXS, Depeche Mode, and No Doubt. The best shows I’ve seen were The Cure, Madonna, and Eurythmics.
  19. I studied Japanese for a year in middle school and three years in high school, and can only at this point in my life order sushi and that’s it.
  20. I still want to own a horse before I die.

5 thoughts on “The 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Two (20 Facts)

  1. I am amazed by how much we have in common, I could write a huge response on our similarities but I’ll spare you that. We share the same views on religion, similar backgrounds with our parents, my mother was married four times my father three, and our love of horses. I was given a pony at the age of four but had to say goodbye to her three years later. I don’t see myself owning another horse, I can’t ride on my own and caring for it would be very hard. I hope you get to own a horse one day, I’ll live vicariously through you. 🙂


      1. Well, there’s a bit of a story to that. I was four and just diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. My grandparents went out to dinner after receiving the new that I was only expected to live to my early teens and were discussing it at the restaurant. Suddenly a woman came over and apologized for eavesdropping but said she raised ponies and found they were great exercise for individuals with disabilities and if my grandparents knew of a place where we could board one they wanted to give me one. We lived in the city, but my grandparents did have friends who owned farms on the outskirts and one kindly boarded the pony for me.


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